Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. I think I may have bullshitted (is that even a word?) my way into something that I'm not sure I can actually pull off. Fuck. Me.

2. Eating a 4 1/2 inch cookie for breakfast is not the smartest idea but you tell me, what exactly is a girl to do when there's nothing else around?

3. It seems that all of the bloggers/commentator's came out hiding for last weeks' 10 on Tuesday, yay you guys! I wonder if I keep calling you guys out on your lack of 'virtual support', if you'll keep coming back...come on peeps, I need validation.

4. So, Kat Von D & Jesse James officially broke up... *crickets*

5. Allowing your kids to run a muck like wild savages in my house only makes me think less of you as a parent, not of your kids.

6. Maybe I'm old fashioned but sending me an evite for my own SIL's baby shower is almost as tacky as Denise Richards throwing herself a baby shower for her newly adopted daughter.

7. Being broke sucks butt. We spent all our money while Rusty's family was here visiting last week & now I'm stuck eating Hot Pockets from Walmart for lunch. I can honestly say blogging* is keeping me fed, ha-ha.

8. Claiming your state is the 'best state' is not cool. I mean, we all know that CA is the best! With our stupid marijuana laws, broke ass schools, low employment rate, and high prices...how could we not be. Honestly, it's not a popularity contest, it's just land located in bigger land run by money hungry morons so just zip the lip.

9. Justin Timberlake is coming up in the movie world...truth is, it actually looks like a really good movie.

10. Sorta promised the god-kids I'd take them to a water park this Friday but I have this hunch that aunt flow is gonna show up for an unwanted visit. <--- totally another reason why I'm disliking being off birth control. I never had to worry this sorta shit before!



  1. I saw the In Time trailer and it does look pretty good. He might just have to give up his singing career and become a full-time actor at the rate he is going. I still need to see Friends with Benefits.

  2. someone else sent me to watch the trailer for that movie. I'd be JT's co-star for that. Mmmm hmmm

  3. 1. Oh, I think I need to hear this story!

    2. That's a big ass cookie...

    3. Woot.

    4. Raise your hand if you never saw that coming!

    5. Amen.

    6. Ew. Super tacky!

    7. Well, I'm glad someone is getting paid to blog!

    8. Um. My state is the best. For real.

    9. I actually want to see Friends With Benefits. Or, whatever it is. It looks pretty funny.

    10. Yeah. AF blows. At least it wasn't on your second date like someone else I know, who totally wasn't me but might have been.

  4. Do you think Sandra Bullock is too classy to do the happy dance?? probably.
    I'll do it for her!

  5. That cookie is lovely...
    As for Aunt Flow, that's what tampons are for. You're good, go to the water park!

  6. I'm really curious to see what #1 is about. I would definitely eat a cookie like that for breakfast. And my hubby will be so glad to hear about Kat Von D & Jesse James.


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