Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. My stomach is aching for food. You'd think I hadn't eaten in days the way the damned thing is growling. No lie, I could totally go for a Luncheable right now.

2. Rusty & I went to the creepy $5 theater in our shitty little city on Friday and watched Horrible Bosses. It was hilarious!

3. My new cubicle neighbor likes to randomly sing out loud. She's been at work for 15 minutes & so far I've heard the partial lyrics to Beyonce's "Should've Put a Ring on It", Rhianna's "S&M", and Katy Perry's "ET". If I could rip my ears off I totally would.

4. Saturday is my little bros. 18th birthday. I officially feel old...or will, on Saturday.

5. I don't like Facebook. I only made an account to keep up with the times but I loathe signing in and seeing status where people thank sweet little baby Jesus for their morning cup of coffee or post creepy pregnant bare belly photos of themselves. For all these reasons & so many many more, I'm extremely happy that Google+ has made it's debut. I seriously love it.

6. My family-in-law (is that even a word?) will be here next Wednesday. This makes me both nervous & excited. I'm sure once they're here it'll change to tired & annoyed, especially because we'll be going to an amusement park with my MIL having a torn {something} in her knee & Rusty's late-70-something grams. I can feel the good times a comin'!

7. My mom had a bit of dizzy spell last week and fell in the shower. She's now sporting some giant bruises on her arms and every time someone asks what happened to her I'm tempted to tell them I pushed her down the stairs.

8. Please do not take your shoes or sandals off in a restaurant. Just because your feet are under the table & you can see them doesn't mean I can't because I totally can. I see you rubbing them on the carpet...playing footsie with your dude...and totally skeeving me the fuck out!

9. While attending last week's blogger meet-up I was told that I'm nothing like I am on my blog. The verdict is still out on whether she meant it as a compliment or an insult but she was right. I tend tone it down like 4 dials when I'm around people I don't know because-- 1) I love to people watch. 2) I like size you up before I tell you I think your idea's totally dumb. (I may look tough but I can't fight for shit). And, 3) I'm most likely going to see you again at some point so I figure it's best to play nice...for now.

10. I suppose that would be pretty handy -->

*note: in case you don't know what that 'not-mascara brush' thing is, it's a hitachi magic wand & you can refer to yesterdays post if you don't know what it's for.



  1. 1. My stomach is growling like something mad and I just ate a peanut butter crackers thing. Lunchables...gross lol

    2. Cool! I want to see that!

    3. I love how people think they're all quiet when they're singing and they're not. Tone it down girl.

    4. Not old at all.

    5. Alright, I need to check out Google+ cause FB is just not cutting it anymore.

    6. good luck!

    7. Ouch! Hope she's OK.

    8. Gross!! Vomit.

    9. Hmmm...maybe she was being nice?

  2. 5. Facebook blows. I'm still undecided on Google+. We shall see, I guess. Twitter is my fave so far.

    9. I'm the same way in real life. I have to size up my audience before the real Marla comes out to play. However alcohol totally speeds up the process. But not in a sexual way, of course. Tee-hee! ;p

  3. 1. I go through phases when I think I could eat everything in the house at any time for a week, then the next week I'll have to remind myself to eat meals so I don't pass out because I just don't get hungry. So yeah, I understand the "have to eat NOW" deal!

    2. We actually have a DOLLAR THEATER here! It shows movies that have been in theaters a while or just left theaters, but it's not terrible. Old and smelly, but....hey, $1!

    3. My coworkers randomly sing. One will even wait until I'm totally in the zone and then just bust out loud random noises behind me to watch me jump. Jerk! But somehow, I still heart him!

    4. My little sister is 25. 25!!! I had been married for two years at that age. I'm like Methusela (sp?) up in here.

    5. I promise to try not to annoy you with random shit on Google+ :)

    6. Good luck!

    7. You should totally do it and share their reaction on your blog!!

    8....so I'm totally guilty of this one. But in my defense, it's not to rub them on the carpet or my husband. It's because I have a compulsion to sit indian-style when I'm on bench seating, and nobody likes to sit on their shoes.

    9. "I may look tough but I can't fight for shit" cracked me up!!

    10. What does it say about me that I knew immediately what that was....? ;)

  4. it's funny cause i got on your site and i'm usually hungry everyday this hour. i haven't had a luncheable in years! that actualyl sounds good. i want to go see horrible boss! i'm hoping my boyfriend would go see it with me this weekend. i hate when my coworkers sing out loud especially when they suck lol. they feel like they're having a concert at their desk

  5. I was really freaking hungry today too. I was out with friends trying to find outfits to weare for tomorrow's midnight showing for Harry Potter. We all figured it was the last film so we HAD to dress up. It should be fun. I love midnight shows.

    And I really want to see Horrible Bosses. I'm glad it was hilarious.


  6. 3. The worst part being that you then have a medly of really bad songs stuck in your head. The gift that just keeps on giving.

    8. Could be worse... in college we had our tables arranged in a circle for a couple of classes. Girls seemed not to understand that you can see people's laps under the table across from you, so if you're wearing a short skirt you really need to cross your legs. Please.

    9. I'm like that - I've accidentally offended people who don't get sarcasm a few too many times! Now people who don't really know me think I'm shy. Everyone else finds this misconception quite amusing.

    10. That WOULD be a handy little gadget. I totally want one. If only hitachis were that portable.... ;)

    Thanks for all the giggles! I'm really enjoying reading back through your blog. Just what I needed this week!



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