Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If You're Gonna Be A Dirty Girl, You Gotta Own It


On the way to work this morning I heard this* story about a chick who went up on stage at a concert to get her groove on & the lead singer of the band lifted her skirt, exposing her bum to everyone and their mom at the concert.

A bit of a butt cheek flash...not that big of a deal, right? Well, she thinks so. So she's of course suing him for defamation & sexual assault.

The kicker: She was somewhat drunk off her ass, in a super mini skirt, and not wearing any skivvies. That's right, girl was letting it all air out.

Now, I'm not saying she deserved to be touched or exposed (without her consent), nope. But unless she's a complete moron she had to have known this whole scenario could go south.

It's a lot like when women wear super low cut shirts with their tatas all up in every one's face and then they get all pissy faced when dude's are gawking and drooling all over themselves because of it. Let's just be honest honey, you did it for attention & you got it.

I guess what I'm saying is...don't be surprised when the starving man actually eats the plate of gourmet food you put in front of him.

Also, put some damn underwear on!**

I will never ever, in a million years, believe that b.s about them being uncomfortable, giving you a rash, being allergic to them or that they cause infections cause I've been wearing them for years & I've never had an issue. You know, other than an occasional wedgie.

*If you can't read spanish, this isn't going to make much sense.

**If you're not going to wear them then at least own up to the fact that it's not for any particular reason & just that you like being a 'dirty girl'. <-- totally said that in a Bobby Light (aka: Rob Dyrdek) voice ha-ha



  1. A comedienne by the name of Elaine Boosler remarked after hearing a court rule against a woman in a rape case because she wasn't wearing any underwear, "I am wearing two pairs of underwear just to be clear that I am not asking for sex." ;)

    I think she doesn't have much of a case, but the band will settle out of court to save face.

  2. Yeah there is only one reason why girls don't wear underwear and that is to be dirty! So if you don't wear them, and are in a miniskirt/belt, well then you deserve to be called on it!

  3. I went back to college last year after 15 years away. Lots of those girls walk around with their naughty parts hanging out, makes me want to staple loose leaf paper on the bottom of their skirts.

    New follower :)

  4. She definitely had it coming to her! What an idiot.

  5. I'm all for girls doing just as they like with their naughty bits, but going without underpants is dirty. As in, do these girls think about what's on the seats of public transit if they're wearing a short skirt and nothing else? *shudder*


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