Monday, July 25, 2011

I'd Like To Reach Out & Touch Something, But It's Not Faith

I'll take a piece off hottie Michael C. Hall though.

Dude isn't as hot as Hugh Jackman but he's sure got something going on. Then again, maybe I'm just the type of girl who diggs a dude that can dismember a body.

The new trailer for the 6th season of Dexter premiered at Comic-Con (I really gotta go to next years) & hot damn does it look good. They threw in a few more celebs this season so I'm hoping it doesn't mess with the story line cause honestly I liked the show better when it was just about him killing.

When they started to add all the family/baby b.s. it almost got me to switch channels. Almost.

With this and the upcoming season of The Walking Dead (click it, trust me, it's fan-fucking-tastic)...I'm ready for fall TV to start, like now.

The producers should also think about giving the person who put this clip together with Marilyn Manson's version of 'Reach Out & Touch Faith' a raise cause it totally makes it awesome.

Will you be watching?



  1. i cannot wait for BOTH of these shows!! I CANT WAIT! haha. total tv junkie

  2. Holy crap, Lin...get out of my head! I am SO SO EXCITED for the new Dexter. My favorite season so far was Trinity (love me some evil John Lithgow) and I will admit here in front of god and everyone that I was relieved when Rita died. She bugged me.

    And Walking Dead!!?!?!?! Cannot.wait. I watch that one with my boys, huddled up in my bed. AMC is the best.

  3. First of all, I'm in love with Dexter. However, we don't have HBO/Showtime, so I'll have to wait til I can find it online.

    AND I'm SUPER excited that you posted The Walking Dead link because I've been asking my husband for months when the new season comes out. I can't wait to share it with him!!

  4. I have GOT to go back on Netflix and watch the old seasons! I hear such great things about the show.

  5. I've never watched Dexter but I am a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead. I cannot wait for it to premiere!

  6. Yay!!! Thanks for posting the Dexter clip. Joe and I watched it together...very excited. And I agree, the music they put to it is awesome! But damn, it starts in Oct now?! That's a whole week later than usual. Bastards.


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