Thursday, July 7, 2011

Departing Comfort Zone USA & Fast Approaching Awkward Town...

Wow, it seems like that Casey Anthony chick is the talk of the town. Everywhere I turn someones flapping their gums about it. But, I'm over it. I wasn't too happy with the outcome of the trial but either verdict wouldn't have brought back that little girl so...let's move on shall we.

Lately I've had a bit of writers block & it sucks. I get these rants going on in my head when I'm driving and I think 'this would be so freakin' awesome to write about' and make tiny mental notes about what it was about but then I get in front of my laptop and....*dead air*...nothing comes to me.

In hopes of getting some writing material I'm taking a little bit of time to myself and stepping out of my comfort zone, aka: my house, and attending a BlogCrush meet up. What is this you ask? Well it's a group of 30+ bloggers getting together to shoot the shit while drinking booze...I hope think. This is the first one I'm actually going to so for all I know it could be a blogging cult. Either way, no lie, I'm hella nervous.

As big of a surprise as it may come to all of you, I'm pretty shy. That's right, I'm not always so chatty in person and the worst part is that when I do finally get all chatty Cathy, I somehow always end up being awkward (ie: 'that's what she said' comments, random cursing, creepily staring at someone when they're talking to me cause I want them to know they have my full attention, blurting out personal info, ect.).

Usually that's when Rusty jumps in and says something clever in order to save me from myself but this time I'm on my own. I'm flying without my wing man tonight, which totally gives me the fucking belly butterflies.

See, I've recently become aware that I am no longer as independent as I used to be. Rusty's always been there to patch me up after I fall, no scrapes or bruised ego to be seen and as nice as it's been, it's made me a weakling.

So tonight I'm packing my bags and leaving comfort zone USA in an attempt to be social for 1 1/2 hrs and not be that one awkward girl standing in the corner pretending to play on her cell phone because she's got no one to talk to...yeah, I've totally played that role. Many many times.

Wish me luck!

But don't say break a leg...with my luck I'll trip on the carpet going into the restaurant and actually break my damn leg.

Holy cow, now this awkward.



  1. A blog meet up? That sounds like fun! I hope you have a good time.

    PS--Where do you find these awesome (awkward) family photos? I want to know whose idea it was to dress in costume like this and why the other went along with it.

  2. I am jealous. Have fun at the meetup!

    p.s. whoever convinced those people to dress up like that needs to be slapped.


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