Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tom Cruise May Be Little But I'd Still Take A Go At Him

That's right, I said it.

I might look back at this later when he's strutting around Hollywood town in his platform shoes but right now, I said it. Why? Because dude's got talent & that makes him do-able. I know, my standards are so high up there.

Granted, I've made fun of him many many times...it's easy when you're like 5ft tall, a little gay looking (which is totally OK w/me, I don't judge!) and to top it off you're a Scientologist. The last one sort of makes it super easy to make fun of him for.

I mean, Aliens, really? Ok. That's cool.

My point to this post is this --->

Awesome right?!
(yeah Lin, it's totally awesome! It totally rocked my socks off! <--this is you guys btw)

I honestly expected it to be shit considering it's the 4th movie but it looks pretty freaking good. The best thing? It's NOT going to be in 3D...thank you sweet baby jeebus!

Will you guys be seeing this movie or is it not your thing? Also, just for fun...am I the only one that actually finds him somewhat do-able?

*Note: Karen pointed out that funnyman Simon Pegg & sexy Jeremy Renner are also in this movie & as great of actors that they are, I can't help but also notice that they're pretty do-able too. I also feel I should mention that Tommy boy is totally do-able in a "I'm a lil' drunk so why not knock 'one night stand with a movie star' off my list" kinda way...haha.



  1. Can't wait!

    I've loved Tom Cruise since I saw Top Gun at 8 years old.

    And I've been SO excited about MI:4. JJ Abrams? Jeremy Renner? Simon Pegg? I mean, I love Tom, but I'd see this one even if he wasn't in it!

  2. I just can't get on board with Tom Cruise. I just don't find him attractive since he's so effing CRAZY. And the platform shoes are a bit much. Really, Tom Cruise? Really?

    You're on your own on this one doll!

  3. Marianna Annadanna gave me strict instructions to come here and tell you that you're crazy. So...you're crazy. Nothing personal...I'm just doing my job.

  4. @Marianna & Jacqui: Bwahaha...I love that you're sending people over to tell me just how fucking wrong I am, Marianna! You girls are hilarious & possibly really fucking correct :)

  5. Possibly? POSSIBLY? Oh, I'm correct. Never think otherwise.

    Tom Cruise is like Mel Gibson to me - Used to have talent and was kinda handsome, but now they're bth so friggin nuts that I just can't handle them.

  6. I love Tom in the movies...I love Tom in interviews...I love Tom when he interacts with his fans...but otherwise? Yuck.

  7. Not a tom fan... I'll wait for it to hit HBO.

    Congrats on the "No Birth Control" move... give it time it will happen. and not don't fear it.

  8. I saw the trailer last night (took my boys to see Transformers) and yep, it looks good and God help me, Tom looks almost-hetero and delicious.

    I had totally given up on him but then he did the Les Grossman thing in Tropic Thunder and I forgave him for being not only short but crazy as a shithouse rat.

    There's something about those trailers that makes every movie look awesome and every single actor/actress impossibly sexy. Hell, I thought Tommy Lee Jones looked doable last night.

  9. Tom Cruise was hot circa Top Gun....then the crazy kind of overshadowed the hotness for me! I can still admit he's not a bad-looking guy, but I just can't go further than that anymore!

    Also, Simon Pegg is adorable! I'm a sucker for a funny guy, and his facial expressions alone make him hilarious! :)

  10. Oy, Tom Cruise. I still want to beat the crap out of him & ask for my money back for Valkyerie.

    There's just something about him I just can't quite put my finger on. I mean, I like him, not really feeling him...but honestly, I stll want to see that movie.

    And Simon Pegg! Yay!!


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