Friday, June 24, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

Today has been one helluva day.

It's only 2:00pm but it feels like it' should be 5:00pm. I was going to write this post early today but opted to do something I haven't done in months...I cleaned my room, most of it anyway. Things are now at least where they should be & I'm in the process of doing laundry. If it hadn't of been for the lame-o utility company scheduling a black out for 4hrs this morning I'd probably be all done...oh well.

Alright, here's my Fill In The Blank Friday post -->

  1. The last thing I ate was a cup full of Honey Nut Cheerios. I was totally craving a Turkey Subway sandwich but Rusty had the car and I was way too lazy to make anything. It got the job done.
  2. The next thing I'd like to eat is Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo and cheesy garlic biscuits from Red Lobster. Dude, my mouth is so watering now. Anyone want to take me out or send me $20 via paypal?
  3. The best things aren't always material things. Hugs, kisses, homemade gifts...those are what mean the most.
  4. Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is when Rusty cooks for me or when I find a really really good book that I just can't pry myself away from.
  5. Sports are fun to watch. I always wanted to be a sporty type girl but unfortunately the sport gene was only passed on to my brothers. In place of that I was wonderfully passed the nerd & bad eyesight gene....thanks mom & dad!
  6. I miss living so close to bookstores. When I used to live O.C. I had about 5 different bookstores within a 15 mile radius. Now, I have 1 & they never ever have anything I'm looking for. Lame.
  7. Right now I am sitting in bed with Rusty & I both on our laptops & watching COPS. I'm getting pretty hungry, guess those darn Cheerios didn't really cut it, so I'll be making a Subway run in about 5 mins.
Happy Friday y'all! Join in on the F.I.T.B.F. fun by copying the blanks, answering them on your blog & then linking up at The Little Things We Do.



  1. 1. I love Cheerios. It's kind of an unhealthy obsession. Chocolate, Cinnamon Burst, Whole Grain, Honey Nut, Banana. I can't stop.

    2. Dude. I worked at Red Lobster for about two years. You don't want to eat there.

    3. Amen.

    4. Have you read A Game of Thrones yet? Dense, but really good!

    5. Love sports.

    6. You need a Kindle or a Nook. Books at your fingertips!

    7. COPS rocks. Period.

  2. I almost got Subway for lunch today, but I didn't feel like parking the car and going in. I am so lazy haha. I wish they had a drive thru!

  3. i love honey nut cheerios, but i have to avoid it now anything with nuts or oats i can't eat. boo!

    lol i have a subway walking distance to me but i still get lazy to get it myself.

  4. Mmm Cheerios are a great substitute though! And, Red Lobster makes AMAZING food so I don't blame you! :D

  5. why does any post about food make me hungry?

    xo monica

    ps...love your blog


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