Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's not officially Friday here on the west coast but since I'm up I figured it'd be cool to put it up early. So here is this weeks' Fill In The Blank Friday post...

  1. This weekend I'm hanging out at home. The highlight of my weekend will most likely be a trip to Sams Club. Exciting, I know.
  2. My last vacation was so long ago that both Rusty & I cant remember where we went. This is so sad. However, now that I'm really thinking about it we may have gone to Las Vegas...3 years ago. I need to do something about this asap!
  3. My next vacation will be hopefully soon cause the news from above has sort of bummed me out. Maybe we'll take a trip to Vegas again or a road trip to NorCal to visit Rusty's family. Basically anywhere but here.
  4. My favorite way to relax is hanging out at the beach/park/lake & reading a good book. Sometimes just hanging out at home surfing the net will do it for me too.
  5. When vacationing one should always pack extra clothes in case of an emergency. A lot of people would say I over pack, which may be a little true, but I'd hate to not have a change of clothes if I accidentally spilled food all over myself (which happens quiet too often).
  6. When vacationing one should never worry about how fattening the food you're scarfing down is. There's an unwritten rule that says there is no calorie counting or worrying about how much weight you'll gain while on vacation. It's the best rule in my opinion ;)
  7. The best part about a vacation is how relaxed you when you come back from it. It sort of renews your soul. I need this SO bad.

Join in the blank fun! All you have to do is copy the blanks onto your blog, answer them and then link up at The Little Things We Do.

Happy Friday guys, hope your weekend is a relaxing one!



  1. Ahh, vacations. I'm totally stealing this to put it on my blog right now! (I'm probably not gonna link up though, because I feel weird doing that when I'm so sporadic!)

  2. Hey a trip to a local Sam's Club sometimes is awesome. You can eat for practically nothing & if you're lucky, eat for free off their endless samples! I know, I'm cheap.

    you must plan a vacation soon, so I can live vicariously through you.
    (in a non creepy sort of way)

  3. This is one Fill in the Blanks I wish I was able to do. It's too late now.

    You certainly need a vacation. I hope you get to go soon, even if it's to NorCal or Vegas. Are you near Palm Springs or Santa Monica or Santa Barbara, I hear those are nice places.


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