Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 On Tuesday

1. I could really go for some french toast right now. I was debating on buying some this morning but there's something about scarfing down all that carbohydrate goodness while Rusty's at home with nothing to eat but canned Campbells soup that makes me feel guilty. Sometimes I hate having a heart.

2. I just had to inform my little bro that his friend was not arrested for assault with a deadly weapon but for murder. Sad for him and the victim.

3. I need to cut my hair. It's long & heavy which translates to --> always in a ponytail or bun. Yep, librarian style up in here.

4. Rusty & I actually have plans this weekend & I'm totally excited! Mostly cause it includes lots of food, like 50+ gourmet food trucks kind of food. I think I may even bring out the big guns and toss on some make up. Watch out...

5. 4gifs.com

My reaction while watching this: " *gasp* oh my god! Whaaa...no way. Oh here comes another one...no! Awwhhh that can't feel good. Damn that dude day just cant get any fucking worse."

6. The grass only looks greener from far away but when you get up close you'll see that it's just about as dead as yours.

7. A man that picks up after his wife is the best effing man in the world in my book.

8. Father's day is this weekend & I have no clue what to get my dad. Handing him cash it totally legit right?
9. As much as I used to think the Real Housewives of OC's Slade was a money grubbing lil shit, I gotta give the dude major props for telling off Tamra in the next reunion episode...classic!

10. Lately I've been feeling a little Betty Homemaker like and with me not buring the shit out of my pineapple upside down cake this weekend I'm thinking I'll attempt to make a mixed berry cobbler this weekend. Wish me luck :/



  1. Good luck with your cobbler! I hope it turns out good.

  2. #5 - at least he was moving around after getting run over for the second time. Lesson? Check your six at all times! I know, I know...that made you groan. LOL

  3. that truck thing happened to me... not that I was run over but it rolled down the driveway with dogs running everywhere and me chasin' it... we laugh now.

  4. Wait. #6. Did that guy just leap over the injured man to go after the truck?!? Are you shitting me? Bwahahahaha! Of course I laugh cuz I'm assuming the man is okay, even after he was hit twice. Otherwise, it probably wouldn't be on your blog, right? RIGHT?

    Off to go get french toast....

  5. God, french toast sounds amazing, and so do gourmet food trucks, and so does mixed berry cobbler. Geeeeez. Also, I dig the bit about the green/dead grass.

    What you wrote to me was really sweet - about the registry and a blogger shower. I appreciate that. Thank you. I don't want you to have to buy me anything, though. Plus, without a private blog, I can't link the registries or the people who are stalkers will find out where I live. ;-) Are you on facebook?

  6. Just before I started to read this post, I was thinking I should eat some French toast and then you go and mention it so I think it's a sign.

    I am in need of a haircut too but I don't feel like paying for one. I wish husbands would learn how to cut hair, especially when it's a straight trim.


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