Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

  1. Playing hookie from work can sometimes be just like pressing the reset button on your body. Needless to say, I don't feel like throwing my stapler at any of co-workers today...yet.

  2. I know it's sometimes rude not look at someone when you're talking to them but it really creeps me out when someone stares directly into my eyes during a conversation. Look away, even for a few seconds so I know you're not thinking about raping me.

  3. I used to make fun of bloggers & now that I am one I find myself making fun of people who don't 'get' it.

  4. Nothing annoys me more than people asking God for things on Facebook (ex: God please bless me with the money to buy that camera lense I saw yesterday). Why is it necessary to post that shit on there? It's not like God responds faster if it's through a social network. Ugh.

  5. Everytime someone asks 'isn't my baby just the cutest you've evah seen?' I press my lips together, smile big, raise my eyebrows and just nod like a moron because I don't have the heart to tell them the truth.

  6. So I hear the dude that predicted the bullshit rapture would happen last week is now saying he miscalculated {of course you did!} and now has a new date of like October 21 or something. This guy's freaking insane, it amazes me that people actually believed him to begin with.

  7. I miss the days when the shows on TV were actually worth watching -->

  8. Next time I'm in need of a new job I think this is the route I'm going with my resume because there's NO way they could have said no to him. He's the shit!

  9. The Hangover II comes out this Friday! I know what Rusty & I are are going to be doing this Friday morning :)

  10. *hangs head & slowly shakes it* There are way too many of these of me floating around in the world -->



  1. I laughed my way through this entire list. Loved reading it! And that resume was hilarious!!

  2. 1. Hookie is a life saver sometimes!
    2. I was in PetCo the other day getting crickets and the guy kept telling me about his geckos and how they like crickets and was giving me a history lesson and didn't take his eyes off of mine the whole 20 minutes he talked to me. He even followed me to the cash register!
    3. I always make fun of myself.
    4. Ditto!
    5. I hate that question. Most babies are cute, but the one person that keeps asking usually doesn't...
    6. I'm so tired of hearing about the rapture. No one is going to know so these quacks need to stop trying to predict crap.
    7. I think I saw that episode...
    8. I'd totally hire him. He sounds like the shit!
    9. I have yet to see the first one. I gotta rent it!
    10. I look like that in EVERY picture...even if I pose for it. Ha!!

  3. OMG, Lin- hilarious! I don't throw staplers at work- just pens. Really, just pens. But I throw them hard.

    I get the g-d thing on FB but more as a "dear g-d, please grant me the power to over come this urge of wanting to punch someone in the face right now".

    I am also excited for Hangover 2 except here's it's called "B'derech l'Chatunah otzrim l'Bangkok" which translates to "On the way to the wedding getting lost/distracted in Bangkok". Stupid Israelis and their translations.


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