Monday, May 23, 2011

'Something Borrowed' Is More Like Something Boring

*Possible spoiler: I may have let some of the book's story slip in this post but I don't tell you the ending!*

I just finished reading 'Something Borrowed' and boy was this book disappointing. I don't really know what I expected but I know it wasn't what I got.

I guess thought maybe with it being turned into a movie and all it was going to be the shit or something but I found the story line to be a bit boring and totally predictable. I was able to sometimes relate to the characters but was never drawn into the story. I think the only reason I finished the book is the same reason I keep watching Desperate Housewives, determination.

I can't stop myself from eating 3 slices of pizza but fuck if I'm not going to finish a crappy book.

I found Rachel to be sort of a goody-two-shoes, a whiner and didn't care much for her whole 'woe is me' attitude. She liked to convince herself that she was a great friend even though she was "kissing" a taken man and tried justifying her actions by suggesting that her self involved bff Darcy had always ended up with what was supposed to be rightfully hers. But, the truth is I think Rachel liked getting back at her and didn't give two shits about what was going to happen as long as she got her happy ending.

Darcy was a total pain in the ass, but that was evident from the very beginning, and although we've all had at least one friend like her in our life, I probably would've slapped her annoying ass if I'd known her in real life.

At one point in the book Rachel's friend Ethan calls Dexter (Darcy's fiance & Rachel's lovah) 'spineless' and I have to agree. I'm not one to dig a guy that can fuck around when he's already attached. The only one I really liked (up until the end) was Dexter's friend Marcus. Now he was a dude I'd totally date.

So yeah, the book basically sucked. I feel like I was robbed, the book didn't even go into a little bit of detail when it came to the love scenes. I'm not all for sex, sweat and ecstasy but come one & give us something. For a book that is about falling in love with your best friends fiance & having an affair it's pretty freaking dry.

Any desire that I had to at one point see the movie is completely gone. I'm a bit curious what the sequel, 'Something Blue' is about because I know that it's now from Darcy's point of view or story or something...but curiosity alone is simply not enough to get me to waste $7.99 on.

I'd rather make my way to Cold Stone and at least get the pleasure of a sugar rush.

If you read the book, did you dig it? And, if you watched the movie, was it any good? Not that I'm going watch it in theaters or anything but I might just RedBox it the thing in the future.



  1. Really? I loved the book and The 2nd one Something Blue. And I really really wanna go see the movie

  2. LOL, love the title of this post!

  3. You crack me up!

    Ok so I had mixed feelings about the book until I read the next book. I liked it but I'm not about to start handing out awards fir the movie lol

  4. Funny review, it won't be on my list now :-)

  5. I saw the movie and thought it was pretty good! Definitely a rom-com to see with your girlfriends.. I was interested in reading the book afterward, but my step=mom beat me to it. She said it was 'just ok.' And then I read some follow up reviews on Something Blue and i guess it takes on the perspective of Darcy? Interesting.. But maybe I won't read the books now! Ha!

  6. the books were ok (something borrowed, something blue)...you should try 'change of heart' by emily giffin. it's much better. the main characters aren't nearly as annoying. i liked it a lot more than this series.

    i won't see the movie - mostly because i'm not sure i buy gennifer goodwin and kate hudson as best friends, even on screen.

    chick flicks aren't my thing though. :)


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