Monday, May 16, 2011

I Work With Blockheads Who Are Creating Mutants

This morning a group of my co-workers were discussing the proper way to dispose of unused or expired medication. And, although I was totally busy reading tweets doing my work I had one ear out towards the conversation...and that's when I heard one of them say:

'Oh, I know exactly how to do it. Been doing it the correct way for years...I flush them all down the toilet.'

Say what!?!

Yep, not only is she a moron because you're never supposed to flush meds down the pot but she also said it with a huge smile cause she swore she was doing us all a favor.

All I have to say is 'thanks blockhead...I guess we should thank you for all the mutants washing up on shore. Maybe next time we come across one of these freaks we'll leave it on your doorstep with a bow tied around one of it's deformed talons to show you our gratitude.'

Montauk Monster: Jeff Corwin thinks this 'thing' may be a decomposed raccoon...I think he's fucking nuts. That thing's a demon.

Cape Cod Sunfish: This is probably what happens when a fish mixes zoloft & oxy. Now I'll for sure NEVER eat fish!

Ontario Mutant Thing: Zoologist speculate this gross hairy thing might be a sea otter or beaver. Yeah...I don't think so.

And because I'm such a super helpful gal...really I am...sometimes, and I'd hate to see any of you get made **fun of as bad as lady in cubicle #4 (seriously, we'll be laughing about this for the next month), I'll link you to the FDA page that tells you exactly what to do with your left over happy pills.

No need to thank me. Just stop flushing those damn pills down toilet so we can stop seeing these freaks of nature around...damn they're ugly!

*if you live in CA click here to find disposal locations.

**we only laughed at her stupidity for a little while & then told her that she should never do it again. See, we're nice people.



  1. Well, I personally like to finish all of my medication. Because, what's the point in having pills left over?


    I don't know what the hell those creatures are, but I do know I'd be hauling ass in the other direction if it came after me.

  2. I almost peed my pants laughing. Maybe you are getting your groove back? ;)

  3. lol seriously. She said that! Woah. And those pictures are crazy scary.

    Sort of kind of doesn't make me want to get back in the water anytime soon.

  4. Love this post! I followed the satanic looking raccoon religiously for a while since I'm from NY, and have a ton of friends from the island. You should send this in to Myth Busters and see if they can disprove your theory!

  5. For the record, I don't flush meds down the toilet...however ~in a very small voice~ I didn't know you weren't supposed to...I know, I know, stop flinching...
    As for those pics, they sort of made my tummy feel yucky.

  6. I bet they don't finish all of their antibiotics either. Thank them for creating new strains of mutant bacteria for me! *sarcasm* :)


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