Thursday, May 19, 2011

He Thinks He Has It All Figured Out...

I need to be more careful about the things I say sometimes cause then people actually think I'm serious. For example, remember all that bitching I did about Rusty working in O.C. and how much I hated staying late until he got off work and also about how much I detested the fact he had to work weekends?

Well that bitch-fest will officially be over on Sunday because he went & got himself transferred to a location near our house.

Yep. He did.

He said he did it for me *eye roll*, but the truth is that I think he did it more for himself. Yes sir, that's exactly what I think.

Because as much as I'm going to love not having to deal with only sleeping 4.5 hrs some nights because of his late hours, I believe Rusty purposely transferred so he could take away my fun of bitching about everything his job.

I did and still do hate his erratic hours but I may have lied when I once said I'd have a life if it wasn't for his job. In reality I've never had a life, I'm that chick that sits in bed all day reading a book or watching re-runs of Law & Order: SVU on the USA network instead of going out and enjoying the fresh summer air.

Walking for fun? Nah, I got allergies. Working on the lawn? Um...yeah, my hands and dirt don't mix well. Girls day? Truth is I get along better with the dudes.

So now that he's gone & sacrificed all his cool work friends (which I may or may not have resented at one time or another) in the name of my sanity and my much loved sleep schedule I think he may actually be expecting me to stop bitching about his job...and get some sort of life.

Ha, he should totally know better than that by now ;)

*Note: I'm actually really excited for him & his new job (he's in a different dept now). Keep your fingers crossed that he'll like it & quickly makes new cool friends (that I may or may not resent later).



  1. This could be a good change! :)

  2. I do the same thing. read a book or watch tv. It's my time. I'll do with what I damn well please!

  3. ugh! I hate that mumbo jumbo nonsense "I did this for you" crap. Sorry. My Hubs does the same thing.

    But, here's the thing...I spend ALL week talking to people and the reality is, when I have some "me" time, I just want to chill by myself or with The Hubs. Whether it's watching TV or just sleeping...it's doing what I want.

    Ok, bitch fest over. I think I need a smoke.


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