Saturday, May 14, 2011

ABC You Suck For Cancelling These!

I'm pretty pissed. Not that it's new news or anything...I am always pretty pissy but now ABC has set me off because they cancelled 3 of my favorite shows.

ABC announced that they selfishly cancelled:

Mr. Sunshine

Off the Map

Brothers & Sisters

They also cancelled 'V', 'No Ordinary Family', 'Detroit 187' and 'Better With You'. To be honest I don't give two shits about any of those other shows but how dare they get rid of 'Off the Map'? I mean that show was good, like almost worth skipping Greys Anatomy for type of good.

Yep, I just said that.

'Mr. Sunshine' was hilarious. OK, not laugh out loud funny but it was definitely my type of dry comedy. Matthew Perry was always so damn funny, although after playing Chandler Bing there's no way to not see him as that character anymore. Whatever...I liked it.

And 'Brothers & Sisters', I was so fond of that dysfunctional family. For once I was able to watch a family more effed up than my own. I should have seen it coming though. In all reality I thought the season finale was a little too put together.

You know, Sarah & Luke getting {happily} married, Nora staying with the love of her life, Kitty finally getting pregnant after thinking she never could, and finally Justin finding his first love again.

They should have thought about saving these 3 shows & getting rid of the Desperate Househags...I mean Housewives.

Anyway I'd like to end this by simply saying ABC sucks massive monkey balls for doing this & in NO way will I be watching any of their new shitty shows.

Charlie's Angels...no thank you, I'll skip on the imposter Farrah Fawcets! And, Tim Allen's new show Last Man Standing, I think I'll pass on that too since I didn't even care for him in Home Improvement.

If I want something that's sure to be as entertaining, I'll tune into Nickelodeon's Fanboy & Chum Chum. Two big headed wannabe superhero friends with lisps who are addicted to frosty freeze's, now that's comedy.

*click here to check out what other shows were cancelled by NBC, CBS & FOX.



  1. They got rid of Off the Map?!?! That is ridiculous and makes me VERY upset. We should start a petition.

  2. I never got into Mr. Sunshine, but Off the Map was MY FAVORITE show! I can't believe they canceled that show!

  3. I know, I know, I'm ridiculously behind the times, but bear with my outrage for a minute... THEY CANCELED OFF THE MAP???!!?!!?!?? And Brothers and Sisters? Are they insane???
    And.... done.


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