Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 On Tuesday

Yeah...it's that kind of day so I'm just going to jump right in.

1. I have come to the conclusion that when Monday's are holidays Tuesday takes over as the shitty day of the week.

2. It should be against all laws of nature to be able to catch a cold in the summer. I have a sore throat & am sneezing like a mofo. I demand answers mother nature!

3. Sometimes all you need is a 'Sex & the City' (show) marathon to make you feel a little better. I speak from experience.

4. My dad asked me if I was pregnant because of how I looked in a loose fitting dress I wore this weekend. He did it in front of my pregnant SIL...I was pissed/hurt beyond belief. I seriously could have slapped him, he's lucky he's an old man though. Needless to say I changed into jeans & will probably never wear that dress again. Thanks for the self esteem boost pops.

5. If you want to talk to me your best bet is probably emailing me because I'll most likely ignore you if you call. It's not that I'm a bitch, Im just super awkward over the telephone. Like lots of giggles, pauses, and talk of weather sort of awkward.

6. A fellow blogger informed me a couple of days ago that Waco, TX has a Dr. Pepper museum. How was I not already aware of this awesomeness?

7. I think Rusty & I might be the only one's left in CA that haven't seen The Hanger II. We were going to see it this weekend but heard it was sold out everywhere so we opted to give it a week in hopes that it'll die down a bit. I've heard very good things though :)

8. This lunch bag full of fruit that I brought for lunch is not going to cut it as real food. My co-workers better prepare themselves for the wrath of hungry Lin.

9. Sometimes I feel like everyone is moving forward while I'm stuck in a the same damn place.

10. I'm in need of some giggles & of course I'm assuming you do too since no one really wants to be back at work again, so here you go -->


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  1. 1. I concour

    2. stupid colds!

    3. Ditto. I could have stayed infront of the TV all weekend b/c of this marathon.

    4. Ouch. Thanks Dad. Guess he won't be getting a Father's DAy gift. {seriously}

    5. I'm the same way. I hate talking on the phone. Just get to the point.

    6. Yeah, I've been there and it's not all that great but it's fun and you get to check out the local sites!

    7. SOOO want to see that movie.

    8. No bueno.

    9. I feel the same way.

  2. auto-correction, thank god mine is off! haha
    #4 is what my sister deals with when she sees my dad. he doesn't ask if she's pregnant, he actually tells her, "you're getting fat. you should exercise." over the years she's learned to ignore it, bless her heart!

  3. I love dyac.com. I could spend hours on that site. *must stay away*

    BTW, when I first typed your website into my browser, I accidentally typed linnysvault.logspot.com (without the B) and I got some bible thumping page. No lie! Lol!

  4. I am so with you on #1, 3 and 9.

    As for #4 - damn your dad. I got rid of a dress I wore to work because my boss asked me if I was expecting.

  5. Love the auto correct! And it sounds like your dad just had a little slip. Dick pickle. ;)

  6. First of all, I think it should be illegal for anyone to ask the question "Are you pregnant?" Because obviously IF that person is pregnant, IF they wanted you to know, they would tell you. And if not, then it's none of your business. I think 99% of the time people that ask that question just end up looking like a-holes.

    Secondly, we saw the Hangover 2 last weekend and LOVED it. It was so hilarious. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking it would be too much like the first one, but it was worth it.

    p.s. I laughed so hard at those autocorrect msg's that I started crying. Thank you for posting. It was MUCH needed.


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