Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 on Tuesday

I've sort of been in a funk lately & it sorta feels like I've run out of stuff to say...crazy, I know. Maybe it's not so much that I don't have anything to say but it's more my brain can't separate the good from the bad *shrug*.

So it's Tuesday & it's time for 10 on Tuesday...

  1. My mom doesn't know it but I bought her Mother's Day gift an hour before I gave it to her. It may have been purchased in a hurry but she still loved it...thank god!

  2. Don't know if you guys read it but I last week I wrote a sponsored post for EdenFantasy & I just want to let the 1 or 2 prudes in the bunch know that I'll be writing 'sexy time' posts every now & then so shield your eyes when they pop up. Ya'll have been warned ;)

  3. The face transplant dude looks great. I expected him to look all mutant like but...Wow.

  4. Last week I mentioned how I'd like to throw rocks (not big one's mind you) at hypocrites, well I'd like to add people who don't use their blinkers to the list.

  5. My room looks like it was invaded by frat boys. There is {dirty & clean} clothes tossed throughout it, fast food cups everywhere you look & I'm sure there's an dirty movie on one of the 3 laptops in there. Yes, this is disturbing to me too.

  6. The MIL, SIL & her 3 girls are planning on making a trip to SoCal in late June. For a second I was all happy that they were coming until I found out they're actually coming for a wedding & we're just a side trip. Ouch.

  7. I think if I'd get married again I'd go for the same look Sarah on Brothers & Sisters went for:

  8. Rusty & I reverted back to being 9 years old this weekend when we bought delicious Lunchables. He at his right away & then he ate mine the next day. I really need to learn to eat my food before the bear gets hungry again.

  9. As much pain as my wisdom teeth are causing me by going in & out & go back in & coming back out again I will not...WILL NOT be getting them removed until absolutely necessary. You hear that tooth doctor!?

  10. I might have sort of dozed off at my desk this morning, or just blinked for a very long time, either way when I opened my eyes a co-worker was standing right in front of my cubicle. Who lingers when someones obviously asleep...or just blinking for a long time? Awkward.

Happy Tuesday! Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go drink a pint of coffee to try to stay awake til at least lunchtime.



  1. It's no secret I'm one of your 'prude' readers, so thanks for the warning. :)

  2. 4. YES YES YES. One of my peaves.

    8. That's so funny because last night we shared a classic pizza lunchable. I forgot they were so good!

  3. Personally, I'd like to side swipe those people who don't use blinkers. Ok, maybe not THAT...but you get my idea.

    I didn't buy my Mom a gift...just a card. I'm strapped for cash!

    I used to sleep on my lunch hour. I realize this sounds sad but I'm the only one who has a key to the supply room...so I'd lock myself in there for an hour and just doze off. It was glorious.

  4. NOT that I want to sound like a know-it-all (I'm clueless most of the time, including now) but you should get your wisdom teeth out sooner than later. Otherwise you might end looking like the guy in #3 if you wait too long. Did I scare you sufficiently yet? ;p

  5. Lin, I like your style! It's refreshing to know that I'm not the only one who likes to throw rocks at silly people. Time for another cup... xoxo

  6. Haha, maybe your coworker just thought you were deep in thought? That is weird lol

  7. #1 Awesome!
    I love seeing gangs of men at the stores on the day of such holidays...cracks me up

  8. Blinkers are important. Why don't people use them.

    Also - a nap watcher? totally awkward.

  9. ok number 4- DRIVES ME INSANE. A guy cut me off on the highway today, but kindly using his blinker while doing it. and left it on. I called him a double douche hat. mostly for the blinker cause i had to watch it for the next 5 miles.

    and number 5? my room looks like that a lot- replace soda cups with dirty glasses and water bottles (no soda cups here :( ) and tons of clothes overflowing from the hamper and laundry basket. (yes I mix clean and dirty. whats the point of even washing them. who knows.)


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