Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Did They Lower The Drinking Age?

In the last 2 days 2 stories of kids being served alcoholic drinks at 2 different restaurants have been released. WTH is going on?

I've never worked at a restaurant but I've been to a lot of them and even at rush hour I expect my server to get their shit right, especially when it comes to poisoning someone.

The first incident happened at an Applebees in Michigan and the moron server gave a 15-month-old a margarita in a kids cup instead of the apple juice they ordered. Needless to say the kid was talking to walls within minutes.

The second incident happened at an Olive Garden in Florida and the server gave a 2-year-old a Sangria in place of Orange Juice. The poor little dude was so drunk that he started to pass out. When his mom took him to the hospital she was told his blood alcohol level was 0.1...way past the legal adult limit of 0.08.

The kids' parents are of course suing and will probably own a few of those restaurant chains by next year. Corporate released their same "we're sorry we have dumb employees, we're taking all the necessary precautions" press release but the point is that they need to stop hiring morons.

I hate to say it but I think it's time that we start having people's IQ's tested before being hired for certain jobs cause apparently it's too difficult for some to stop and take a second to read the label on a jug.

*Note: This situation is in no way going to affect my love for either restaurant. You'll still catch me grubbing at Applebees cause no one can beat their 2 for $20 and Olive Garden has the best Fettuccine Alfredo & bread sticks. No amount of fuck ups can make me give up either of these...my stomach always wins ;)

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  1. I cant believe whats going on, poor babies! I don't know how exactly they could get confused between alcohol and juice? I miss applebees we don't have one around here :(

  2. That Olive Garden is in my neck of the woods. Isn't that SAD!! I mean, how DUMB can they be? I almost feel like the bartender was being funny and trying to copy the original Applebee's prankster.

  3. I've been thinking the same thing! How does someone confuse apple juice with a margarita?!

  4. I heard about the Olive Garden situation on the news and I was really just in awe of it. They even SHOWED the cup that the kid got...a KID'S cup. Now tell me how in the world you think to put an alcoholic drink into a child's cup. That person HAD to know what they were doing. I think it is sickening. And although I know it will be quite a while before my kid will be getting food/drinks from a restaurant, I now feel the need to try it before I give it to her, just to be sure. What is this world coming to?

  5. I used to work in a restaurant, and I find this appalling! Though I do have to wonder-some restaurants have waiters and separate people who tray up orders...I suppose it's vaguely possible that someone besides the server put the drink order together and the waitress had no way of knowing? Either way...not cool!

  6. I accidentally got a little tipsy once in my life (I don't drink) and it was at a birthday party for a 1 year old in the Czech Republic. I was told it was punch! ohgoodgosh.

  7. Wow...sounds like a great resource guide...very handy to have around the house because you know someday {it is not if but WHEN} you are are going to spill red wine on your carpet and panic because you won't know what to do!!!!

    I could see this book making an excellent bridal shower gift (which I am on the lookout for as I do have a shower on my horizon :))

    xx Cat brideblu

  8. I've read about that, and was like WTH?
    Can't believe there are such stupid people in the world.
    Poor babies!


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