Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Exercise Stuff Is Crap...My {K}ankles Hurt!

I've come to the conclusion that my body wants me to be fat.

Yep, you read that right. The way see it is it wouldn't be putting me through so much pain after jogging/walking a mile yesterday if it didn't want me to stop. Right?

No? Pftt...what do you know.

After seeing the chunkiness that's collected around {way too many of} my body parts the other morning I decided it was time to do something about it. So I finally took my work out clothes out of the backpack that had been sitting in my car for 4 weeks and put that foreign sucker on.

All the way to the local high school track I was totally psyching myself up by saying "you can do this...you used to be a cheerleader!" and "It's only 4 little laps around, you've got this shit!". But deep down inside I knew that I hadn't cheered in over 12 years {damn I'm old} and those 4 little laps were going to be the death of me.

But...I did it. I huffed and puffed and did a lot of gasping for air but I did those 4 fucking laps. And. It. Felt. Great.

That was until I got home and my shins felt like they were breaking at the center, my calves were knotting like a mofo and senior citizen-like ankles felt like they wanted to snap off.

I'm still feeling the pain today and I'm really regretting not taking Rusty up on his offer to coat me in old man muscle rub. I know people say it gets easier with time but I think they're liars. It's probably just something fit people tell fatties so they can laugh at them behind their back as they're gasping for air during a light jog.

I'm too old & feeble for this shit...or just to fat, either one.



  1. I dread the exercise too! But I must, because I REFUSE to replace my wardrobe. I must fit into my clothes I already have. :o(

    Good luck to you!

  2. I cannot stop laughing! You poor bunny!!!
    Good luck dear! It's not fun at all {which is why I don't do it} but worth it... and I hear it does get easier.

  3. ha ha. I've decided that I'd rather be fat then exercise!

  4. One word: Aleve (naproxen sodium). We bought a huge bottle before coming to Germany and man, am I so thankful! I walk who knows how many miles a day now and at first it was ROUGH. But, the Aleve really, really helps.

  5. I hate HATE exercising but since I weighed in at my highest weight EVER last week, I've been to the gym 3 times this week. It's pure torture!

  6. you GO girl! its such hard work - i'm starting training and what not soon! just keep it up, it'll get easier!

  7. The second day after a workout (when you've had a looong break) is always the worst. Then it gets better the third day, and by day 4 you've nearly forgotten the pain and you're ready to do it all over again! No? Just me?

    I totally decided I was going to do 30 minutes of "free jogging" on Wii Fit the other night, and I hadn't exercised in forever....Yeah, ouch. Mega ouch. But hang in there, it really (no, honestly!) does get better!

  8. I concur with Amanda...I max out on my aspirin right after streneous exercise and again before I go to bed. Helped reduce the aches. Then you'll be toned and can handle the 40 laps. Not 4...FORTY. ;)

  9. Oh boy, lemme tell ya right off the bat, I'm one of those girls that not many people get...because I actually like to workout...I know, I know! I do, but only because I found a routine and workout that works for me. I get up at 5:30 am (morning person also, please, don't hate me!) and do my thing for 40 min-1 hr, shower and I'm done. But do I sometimes dread getting up that early and contemplate skipping it altogether? Um, yeah!! Of course!

    But what I tell myself is to push through it and get it done. Because I always always feel better after a good sweat, knowing I did my body right and that I'm gonna look a little better in them skinny jeans.

    Kudos on getting the 4 laps done though! =D


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