Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

One day closer to Friday...yay!

1. The music is insanely loud in the ladies bathroom at work. I mean I guess it's good that nothing can be heard over it but it feels like I'm at a party every time I sit on the toilet.

2. You can always tell when the new girl at work has never worked in an office before because she's sporting unreasonably high platform shoes, and a tight pencil skirt with the overdone makeup and hair. It's an office, we sit for 8-10 hrs & no one really gives a shit...you're lucky I bathe most days.

I love these shoes but they're not really office friendly...

3. It still surprises me that people like reading the crap random stuff I post on this blog. Really, it does. But I love each & every one of you SO much for it! You guys totally brighten up my day with every comment...so yeah totally feel free to comment on every post. I don't mind. Really, I don't.

4. I don't know how I do it but I never fail to empty out our bank account within 2 days of being paid. I really need to learn some spending discipline.

5. Rusty & I fought over something as stupid as heading to the store for NyQuil last night. It was the first fight we had in a long time & he said something that really hurt my feelings. He didn't apologize for it, not because he's an a*shole or anything but because I don't think he knows just how hurtful it was. We moved past the fight but what was said still stings. {*Edit note: Apparently he did apolgize. I just don't remember because I was 1/2 asleep when he told me. Alrighty then...}

6. Easter...I think I may be the only one that doesn't have any plans for this day.

7. The movie 'Your Highness' was funny but 'Paul' was WAY funnier. If you can afford it though, see both.

8. I really really want to steal Rusty's new cell phone. He upgraded his Blackberry to the new HTC Evo Shift and I think it would have only been fair for him to bear through having an old phone until I could upgrade...in October. Isn't that what love's all about?

9. It really annoys me when people say "frick" instead of "fuck". Let down your hair a little & let loose, I promise I won't tell the PTA moms ;)

10. Yeah, we might have it a little easier in this category:

(click to enlarge)

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Feel free to vent about something random in the comments...



  1. 1. Agh, "cover" music as The Hubs so eloquently calls it. But yeah...work does not = party.

    2. Like the shoes but I'm not sure I can wear those! Dang! But yeah we had a temp who did that & sadly, about a month later, she was wearing flats, lol.

    3. I like your random stuff. I think you're funny.

    4. Same here.

    5. Tell him, maybe he'll treat you to a nice dinner.

    6. I've gots no plans either...that I know of.

    7. OK, I believe you. Must book sitter.

    8. October isn't that far away {just looked at my calendar...actually is it...sorry.}

    9. What about fudge, lol.

    10. LOL awesome

  2. What about "Oh my heck"?! But really, Lin, you need to give us Mormons some way to vent our frustration. We need "frick" and "fudge" and all the other non-cusses.

  3. I can't stand the stupid sorority people I have to deal with right now or the chef who bitches at me about serve times when his staff can't get the shit out on time whether I have the correct time or not.

  4. Frickin' is part of my vocab... But frick isn't. there are times when "Fuck that shit" is needed and something that needs to be described as "The Frickin' price of gas" But what bugs me shitless, is people that do this a@@ or sh!t or NOW THAT IS JUST Freakin' Stupid! WE all know the BAD words and USE them. WE all have BIG Vocabs but sometimes we need a little FUCK and SHIT every once in a while... GROW THE FUCK UP!

  5. 2. the shoes are beautiful and you are right, no one in the their right mind would wear it to work. There's a newbis who started at my work, she's young and she were platforms and hooker boots to work. Silly girl - so much she needs to learn.

    3. I love reading your blog, random stuff are the best!

    4. I think my bank account is empty even before my pay goes in, lol!

  6. A third "Do" is necessary for women...

    DO: Draw the arrows pointing the way where you want him to go. All men need directions anyway.


  7. 9. Frick yeah! You tell 'em. Pansy-a**es! ;p

  8. DUDE number 9- I frigging hate that....wuhahaha (just to bug you ;) ) you know what I noticed recently that people are saying sugar instead of shit....seriously, just say shit- sugar sounds so stupid!!

    Also im sorry about having a fight with hubby....I'm glad he apologized though, i have to say that not only has that happened to me but that i've been on the other end and said something super tactless and really hurt his feelings. its no fun on either side but hopefully he remembers not to do that again and you got lots of sucking up to make up for it. :)
    P.S.- I love your blog and reading your "inside thoughts" about the office and people and life! we are on the same page a lot of time and love to hear it!


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