Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

  1. I'm tired. Not so much physically because all I do is sit at work but more mentally. Dealing with stupid people really hurts my brain.

  2. How exactly do you know it's time to go to the doctor for carpal tunnel? My right wrist/hand is killing me but I don't want to pay $40 for the doctor to give me some fugly hand brace(s) and prescribe me 4 ibuprofen a day.

  3. I whined {a lot} in yesterday's post. What can I say, it was a Monday, it sucked so I had a whine-fest and I was nice enough to invite you all to it. Also, the reason I don't stay home by myself is because I'd be lost in a giant 2-story house alone. I don't like being home alone {I hear strange sounds} but I also hate not being home. I'm strange like that.

  4. My co-worker just yelled 'Oh, yay...woo-hoo!' when she saw the document shredding people collecting the bins. Apparently, she just hit the happiest point of her day.

  5. My SIL (lil bros wife) bailed on hanging out with me on Sunday like we had planned so she could go sit at her mom's house & do laundry. I don't know why things like this still sting, it's not like it's a surprise anymore.

  6. The teaser to "The Hangover 2" was great but have you seen the full trailer? It's hilarious & I cant wait to see it!

  7. I grew up watching baseball, I heart it big time and I'm an avid Dodgers fan but the a*sholes who put a Giants fan/father/paramedic in a coma for rooting for the opposing team are beyond forgivable. Those turds must be found & beaten the same way they beat that 42-year-old father of 2...and it should be done by the victims family.

  8. This is what coke, crack & booze will do to you (she's 24 yrs old). And this is what reefer does (he's 77 yrs old). Now I don't want to say it's obvious which one is the less harmful buuuuut...

  9. I'm glad people are optimistic but nothing annoys me more than seeing inspirational tweets & facebook status when all I want to do revert to my teens & hate everything. Don't they know I'm not in the mood for their cheerfulness? Geez.

  10. This cartoon made me laugh as much as someone saying 'that's what she said', ha-ha:


  1. ohh no! i'm often that optimistic bubble! haha.

    and ps - i cannot wait to watch the hangover 2

  2. I spit out my Diet Dr Pepper thanks to that cartoon. I needed that.

    I don't have speakers on my work computer at work - don't ask - but will have to check out the Hangover 2 trailer. I so want to see it. The Hubs? Not so much. I think I might have to go by myself.

    Mondays suck in general, so whine away.

    She's 24?! Seriously?! Dayum. Girl needs facial cream or something.

  3. Dang! I'm hotter than Lindsey Lohan! :o)

  4. 1. D-I-T-T-O! People are buffoons! (haven't used that word in a long time - think I'll keep it around for a while)

    8. I really thought it was going to be a pic of Gary Busey. Lol!

    10. Lol!

  5. #4 made me spit out my water. Ha!

    #7 That story is pretty awful. Mr. BFG and I found it interesting (at least from the photograph) that the stadium is fenced off? Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (which is the dumbest name on the planet and I'm still bitter about it) is basically open to the public. You can't just walk on the field, but you can wander around the outside any time.

    #9 Amen. Obviously.

  6. Girl your blog is for blogging about things that are important to you, affect you, humor you etc. whine away!! and besides its not whining if its important to you and missing your hubby and hometime is ALWAYS important!! that cartoon made me LOL- i am forever saying thats what she said! And I wouldn't even bother with the doctor- i would just go to CVS and get a brace yourself and some of that rub on ibprofen cream stuff and save yourself the the copay!! I hope the rest of your week goes better!!

  7. I know this is wrong, but your co-worker would amuse me for hours! Hours and hours and hours!
    And that cartoon was spectacular!

  8. I'm the same way (about wanting to be home, but not alone, etc.)! I'm getting more used to it since I work an entirely different shift than my husband...but having the critters around helps me for sure!

    Also, that pic of Lindsay Lohan? Woof. I hope that was some kind of photoshop job, for her sake!

  9. I am with you on #1. Happens to me way too much. How did any of them ever learn to breathe? ;)

  10. I cant' wait for The Hangover 2. With the first trailer, I was wondering where Doug was but the second trailer explained it all. I hope it's as good as the first one.


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