Monday, April 4, 2011

I No Longer Get To Sleep In...Pity Me

Rusty's new job is killing me. I'm pooped.

Granted I do nothing but hang at my grams house, fiddling on my netbook & wondering from one side of the house to another from boredom while Rusty's forcing his 10th smile of the day and lugging around pounds of cable for a contractor that can't make up his mind but that's totally besides the point.

Dude works maybe 3-4 8hr days a week but these damn days always seem to fall on my weekend/days off and this is SO not cool with me. I like the fact that he now has something to keep him busy (going up & down a faulty orange staircase about 30 times a day is definitely keeping those legs fit) and I definitely like the extra money I get to shop with but I don't think this is gonna work for me very much longer.

How long can you actually expect a girl to give up the comfortableness of napping on her queen size bed for grandmas lumpy couch?

What about giving up a huge flat screen TV & full on cable TV for a TV that doesn't even have 'basic' cable?

Fios Internet to something that loads web pages like we're still dealin' with 1990's dial up?

Come on people, I'm dying ovah here.

As you can tell this a 'woe is me' post so do me a favor & pity me. I need sleep & I miss my no shower weekends, staying in bed til 4pm days and nights where we can decide to go see a movie at midnight because we have nothing to do the following morning.

You may have guessed it, I don't do change. I don't welcome it. Not one freakin' bit. Actually, if it was in front of me right now I'd totally use my pimp hand & give it a good ol' slap for messing with my jive.



  1. Loving the poster. Sorry you're bored outta mind. Bring along low-tech stuff like books and mags. :)

  2. dial up...wow. Didn't even know "they" and "people" still used that.

    Sorry everything is pretty much sucking. But yay to the extra $$.

  3. why do you have to come with him to OC? can't you just stay home and enjoy your weekend?! anyhoo, sorry that you have to go through with all this. i know it can be a real inconvenience trying to change routines and such.

  4. Why not stay home and enjoy your space?

  5. :( Sorry to hear about the epic suck. I pledge to sleep an extra 15 minutes every day in your honor!


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