Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

I feel like I've been away forever. I haven't posted or read anything blog related in the last 4 days & it sort of feels like I've betrayed you guys somehow, ha-ha. Turns out I only blog when I'm plopped in bed in front on my TV...who'd of thought being out of the house would take up so much time?

In all reality I'm sure you guys totally missed me didn't even notice I was gone but whateves, I'm here now & I've brought my 10 on Tuesday:

  1. Rusty's job is becoming a giant pain in my butt. It keeps me away from the beautiful comfort of my bed & totally took away my 'no shower weekend' policy since I go into O.C. with him.

  2. I think the awesomeness of Twitter may have run it's course for me. I know, it's almost blasphemous to say it but I've gotten pretty bored with it lately. Maybe I just need a break though.

  3. Believe it or not bringing your newborn to a loud ass motocross event is not the best of ideas. I'm sure these parents will be wondering why little Johnny has to have the television up so damn high in a few years & not blame themselves one bit.

  4. I spent around $200 this weekend & have almost nothing to show for it but some extra fat on my thighs. This blows.

  5. Rusty & I went to see 'Paul' this weekend & holy crap that movie was funny! If you liked Shaun of the Dead and/or Hot Fuzz you're going to lurve this movie. Fo' sho'.

  6. I'm constantly hearing my phone vibrate even though no one's calling. I'm sure it looks like I've turned into that super pathetic chick who's constantly checking her phone to see if anyone has called her, but no one has.

  7. I never really noticed how many hang up's I have until I watched Sunday's episode of After Lately & Sarah Colonna started listing hers. I literally have over 30...it amazes me that I was able to find a guy who didn't annoy the sh*t outta me but it totally explains why I have no friends.

  8. Would you consider yourself a good wife or a dumb-ass for willingly sitting in your car watching movies & playing solitaire waiting for your husband to get out of his 3hr staff meeting on a Sunday night? The verdict is still out {for me} on this one...

  9. I witnessed a family member completely freak out when her 1 yr old daughter smashed her finger in a gate. It wasn't like it was stuck or anything either, the gate just closed slowly as she was holding on to it. I think people forget that kids are not made of glass, it'll hurt for a little bit but they'll get over it. I drank Pinesol when I was 3yr old & I turned out fine...right?

  10. Shaving sucks monkey balls. How in the world do women shave everyday? I was forced to shave my legs yesterday after almost rubbing the skin off of Rusty's body. He may or may not have threatened me with bodily harm if I wouldn't mow the leg lawn. I my defense, I wear pants to work everyday & I'm scared sh*tless of slicing my leg open with a razor *cringe*. He should consider himself lucky though, I could always do this or better yet I could go all out amazon woman & do this *tripple gag* ha-ha.

Happy Tuedsay!



  1. BAHAHA you're so funny!!
    #6: me too! are we crazy??
    And #9: I drank cologne when I was 2. It burnt!! And that happened while my dad was reading some newspaper and my mom was cooking...

  2. I always get phantom rings on my phone. Especially if somehow I have managed to separate myself from the phone. Then I feel it ringing all the time.

    I think it is fine that you waited for the 3 hr meeting to get over. You brought things to keep yourself occupied.

    Also, I loathe shaving. It licks balls. And there is NO EFFING way I would shave everyday.

  3. 1. I like the "no shower" weekend. I might have to incorporate that into our routine.

    2. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter lately. Maybe I need a break too.

    3. LOL seriously?!

    4. that bites. But did you have a good time...that's important.

    5. I love those actors. Must see it soon.

    6. I'm guilty of that too.

    7. I'm afraid to do this as I know the hubs will say, "what was I thinking?"

    8. Good wife. Definately.

    9. Exactly...shake it off is my motto.

    10. Ugh...I hate shaving. I do. Stupid hot, if I wear jeans I'll combust, summer months in Texas.

    p.s. I missed ya!

  4. I totally Hot Fuzz!!!

    Hate shaving... use Nair.

  5. I love Simon Pegg. Even own "Spaced". I'll check out "Paul" when I have time. :)

  6. I think you and Twitter just need to spend some time apart, you know, to get the love back in the relationship. I mean, that's how I feel about my blog lately. For right now, I visit it once a week, and maybe one day, I will start to appreciate it for what it really is ... my blog. A blog of my very own. Eh! I'm trying.

    I, too, have sat in a car for hours waiting on my hubs. Glad I'm not the only loser, ahem, awesome person here.

    I got laser hair removal done. Well, not on the legs. Actually, the more private region of my body. Hurt like the effin dickens, but I am a better hairless person for it.

  7. jesus effin' christ! you are soo funny! #6 and #10 are my faves. i think any social networking site or app will lose its luster after a while.

  8. 5. Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies ever! I also loved Hot Fuzz. Too bad the next time I get a day off work, Paul will probably be out of the theaters >_<

    6. I hear things too. All the time. I blame it on too many years of marching band, since clarinets are always awful close to the drums in the stands...

    7. I have got some *serious* issues myself. God bless our tolerant hubbies!

    10. I know, right?? I really thought about getting a wax done before vacation this year. Then I remembered I'm not into S&M. I'm kinda fuzzy myself right now...(tmi, sorry!)

  9. Shaving your legs can be a pain, I was just glad I was pregnant during the wintertime, the legs were so far away, so I was happy I was wearing long pants all the time:) I guess Rusty should consider himself lucky you don't go for any of the pictures:)

  10. I actually do shave every single day of the year. I don't like it, but I can't stand the prickles!

    I would have done the same thing waiting in the car. You're just sweet, that's all.

  11. What-the-heck?! Was that 2nd hairy pic for real?! I can never un-see that! I'm mortified.

  12. I was living in the Czech Republic and didn't even use my American cell due to ridiculous roaming charges and T-mobiles lack of foreign traveling coverage plans (ahem!) and I swear for the first little while I would think my celltron was going off. CRAZY!

  13. Eww! I hate shaving, too. Luckily, I have really fine hair and it takes forever to grow and is never really prickly, so I don't have to do it so often, but there still are times that my husband tells me I really need to shave. UGH!

  14. You need to stay on Twitter, I would miss you too much if you left. Just take a vacation from it and then please come back.


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