Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Every time I hear someone talk about how much they love working out I get the urge to throw whatever is in my hands at their heads.

  2. I bought a Starbucks latte this morning at like 5am and they still took over 8 minutes to make it for me, wtf? If there aren't any customers but me why is it taking so long? Oh yeah...because the 3 dumb asses that are there are busy singing and stocking instead of making me my coffee. How could I have been so inconsiderate... *grr*

  3. Today's Rusty's first day training out on the floor at his new job. I can't wait till I can go into the store and hassle him about needing something I really don't need, ha-ha.

  4. The earthquake in Japan...that totally sucks. I thought for sure we (CA) were gonna get the 'big' one first.

  5. Remember those black flats I kept saying I needed to buy? Well I finally bought a pair...2 weeks ago, and have yet to actually wear them because I don't want to wear them out & get them dirty. I'm a dork, I know.

  6. I can only imagine the naughty things this fella' is going to do with the wolf picture I send to him later today.

  7. I was checked out by a very large masculine looking female while at GameStop with Rusty over the weekend. I normally would have been very flattered but she honestly could have physically taken Rusty in a fight. No joke, I was a little scared.

  8. What is the big hoopla about Panera bagels? I don't get it. They're hard & not very tasty but people at work are always bringing them in & raving about them. I prefer the old mom & pop donut shop bagel. Guess I'm just old school like that.

  9. Gas prices are effing insane! I'm dreading filling up today after work because I know I'm now going to pay $3.97 for a gallon {if I'm lucky}. Living 58 miles away from work is a killer but having to drive that far, knowing that every 25 miles or so is costing me almost $4, literally hurts my heart. Like hurts it in a 'I'm going to stab someone for money {not really...maybe}" kind of way.

  10. I know it's only Tuesday but can the week hurry the hell up and end already. I'm SO ready for the weekend.



  1. Interesting list.
    Love the first one!! I agree with you. I'm sure I'd do the same!
    And gas prices... Oh my... They are so high!!

  2. I don't get the whole work out craze either. Go ahead and mock me fit people.

    I HATE that! I make a point to get up early so I can get my Starbucks and they take for-eva. Really guys? Sing on your own damn time.

    Understandable about the flats.

    Um, scary about the female checking you out.

    Panera bagels ARE nasty. I tried them a few months back. Gross.

  3. 2. Don't they know people up at 5am need coffee fast. Damn. You could have made a whole pot in eight minuts!

    3. Yay!

    9. Don't remind me. I saw a place at $3.51 yesterday and about fainted. Thankfully, Mr. BFG only works about five minutes away and can drop off/pick up the oldest from school on the way. But $70 to fill up makes me want to cry.

  4. 1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Something extra hard and probably not super heavy because *I* don't love working out.

    5. I totally do that

    9. If I have to start riding my bike to work I because I can't afford gas I am going to be pissed (see #1). And the bus scares me because those are my clients :(

    10. I know, right?!

  5. I am dreading the gas prices as well! I love your top 10 they made me chuckle. OH, and I am defintally going to try cucumber in my pasta salad next time! sounds sooo good!

  6. I do that same thing with my new shoes and clothing. I don't want to ruin them so they go unworn. We need to get over ourselves.

  7. These gas prices are killing me! My son has a St. Patrick's Day dance and I'm seriously walking around for two hours cuz I'm not wasting the gas to drive all the way home and go all the way back out again!

  8. Have you tried the cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera? If not, go get one now! Then you'll understand :)

  9. 1. Ditto! I would prefer it if my exercise for the day would be beating the sh*t out of that person.

    8. Never had a Panera bagel in my life. And I'm not regretting it so far.

  10. 1. I talk about working out but it is only how much I hate doing it at 5 AM.

    2. I'm afraid there might have been a massacre. Don't they know people should not be A)cheerful before 8 am ie no singing B)not dilly dally when a person is in need of coffee before 8 am or in my case Noon.

    8. I like them but I think it is because I haven't found any place better yet. Although I passed a bakery last week that looked promising.

    9. I told hubby his next vehicle will be a highly fuel efficient scooter or a bike. I careful plan all my driving to make it as economical as possible. It seems like a 100 years ago when in high school I drove across town to get gas at the cheap station for 89 cents in the late 80's. Twenty years and we have gone from 89 to 3.89.

  11. I don't love working out but I do feel much better when I do. It puts me in such a good mood when I run on the treadmill in the mornings. It helps me face the crapola at work with a smile on my face.

  12. panera bagels? really? i still love noah's. it's like when krispy creme came out. thank god i didn't stand in line for a plain old glazed donut.

  13. PS gas prices in Canada are so high. Well it's per liter so I don't exactly get the conversion but I know it's ridiculous! Stupid metric system.


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