Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I'm gonna jump right in...
  1. I'm SO tired! I pushed the snooze button 2x this morning but I really just wanted to huck the damn thing across the room and go back to bed for the rest of the day.

  2. I still need new black flats. I'm pushing the limits on how homeless I can look. I wonder if anyone will actually say anything if I wear these out until my toe is peaking out of the front? I've mostly been putting off buying a pair because they're only for work & I sit behind a desk for 10 hours (aka: no one EVER sees my shoes).

  3. I've been buying Smart Water for the past 2 days but it doesn't taste very smart at all. It tastes expensive.

  4. WTF is going on with gas prices? I drove by a gas station this morning & it was at $3.82...how it possible that we'll be paying $4 a gallon by the end of the month? I guess it's not good enough that most of us cant pay our bills & rent, they want to take gas from us too huh.

  5. I'm still pretty p*ssed that the Oscars sucked butt.

  6. I really wish my mom would have been harder on me about slouching. Yes...I'm a sloucher people! I try to stay upright as much as possible but within 2 minutes (if I'm lucky) my back is arched like the freaking hunchback of Notre-Dame.

  7. While being interviewed on the red carpet on Sunday Hugh Jackman stated he was getting back into 'Wovlerine' shape because he will be reprising his role as the hot ass mutant in "The Wolverine"...this news makes me one very very very very happy gal ;)

  8. Writing on 3 blogs is a lot of work. Why didnt anyone warn me? I have to say my celebrity gossip blog is the most time consuming cause these damns celebs just can't seem to stay out of trouble *cough* Christina Aguilara was arrest today *cough*. I'm pooped!

  9. I just realized that because of the above mentioned, I have been seriously neglecting Rusty. Like Big Time. I think this calls for a date night this weekend.

  10. See the poster below? Yeah...that's a little bit of random knowledge for your noggin'. You can totally thank me later :)

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Happy Tuesday! Oh & dont forget that IHOP is giving away a FREE short stack of pacakes today from 7am -10pm. All you have to do is maybe leave them a donation for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals....make sure you leave something good too, you dont want to be the cheap skate that hates sick kids do you? Didn't think so.

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  1. I had no idea that Dreamy Hugh was making another Wolverine movie. {sigh}

    My local Target sells Smart Water for $1 from time to time. I thought, wow - that's cheap...until I saw just how much it is. Good gawd.

  2. 1. I think it's because the sun is coming up earlier. And it's brighter. What a bastard.

    2. You know, you could just start a trend. Homeless Chic. Money saving AND fashion forward!

    3. Yeah, but I can promise you it's a cure for quite a few things, including gastroenteritis when you can barely hold down food for 14 days while pregnant with twins.

    4. One word: Libya. Oil is over $100/barrel right now. I wouldn't expect it to go below the $3 again.

    6. Me too!

    10. And um. Wow.

  3. I'll admit, Smart water is pretty good even if it's expensive.

    What is up with Christina? She is totally pulling a Britney. The sad part is, even though Britney went crazy, her loyal fans stuck by her. Xtina on the other handy went skanky and out of control, fans will not forgive her for that. I no longer care about her and I laughed when she fell at the Grammys.

  4. I sit at a desk all day too. I have like four or five pairs of shoes that I keep under my desk. I wear my sneakers ALL THE TIME! I change when I get there and my shoes last forever because I never wear them outside. I use to transport them back and forth then I figured why bother, it's not like I wear them on the weekends!

  5. HA HA Smart water. But I don't think anyone would buy "expensive water"


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