Friday, March 4, 2011

I Might Be Dumber Than I Thought

Rusty & I were listening to the radio on the way to work yesterday morning and the dude on the radio said something about the Battle of Gettysburg and without thinking about it I said 'oh, isn't that were that fight happened?"

"Where that 'fight' happened?" Rusty asked, staring at me like I'd just slapped him in the face.

"Yeah, that thing...oh no wait, isn't that were we signed that paper?" I asked.

"Ah...the Battle of Gettysburg was just one of the largest battles of our history. More Americans died in those 3 days than they have in most wars. Really...you don't know this?" he asked, as if this knowledge should be embedded in everyone's brain files.

And then clips of 9th grade history started coming back to me "Sure. I mean...it was part of the Civil War right?" I said, hoping that I'd at least guessed correctly.

Then he took a deep breath & said "Yep, it was part of the Civil War babe." Then added "You know, I'm really going to want our kids to know a lot about history...it's stuff we should all know."

Yep, we should all indeed know this type of information and I'm sure I held all of that boring history knowledge in my brain at one time or another. However, I think I may have lost bits & pieces of it somewhere between The Bad Girls Club and Say Yes to the Dress.



    I totally am a huge history buff. Like I LOVE it. However, I think my brain is rotting with all of the crap I watch on tv. I must fix this. Maybe they'll make a reality tv show that teaches US history. I'd totally watch that and learn stuff!

  2. I am so bad at history. I'm hoping the Hubs knowledge will pass on to our kids.

  3. The first thing I though when I saw your post title in my blogroll was, "Well, that's never a good thing..." :) Other than Gettysburg I only know, maybe one or two other battle names and I'm not even sure they were from the Civil War. The only reason I know Gettysburg is because I live about 45 minutes from the battlefields and have only been on about 13 fieldtrips there when I was in school. Plus, my hubs used to be a re-enactor. But don't tell him I don't know any other battle names...he'd be so disappointed that I so don't care...

  4. don't be so hard on yourself; when my hubs was talking about the south africian apartheid and i asked him what that was, he looked at me like i said something bad about his mother. i too, never paid much attention in history either so yes, at the ripe age of 34, my hubs educated me about the apartheid.

    i'm also bad at math :(


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