Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Love: I Demand Good Closure Damnit

I'm addicted to my TV shows...it kills me to know that one of my favorites will be calling it quites forever in just 2 itty bitty 1 hr episodes.

Big Love is in it's finale season. That means that I wont get my weekly Bill, Barb, Nicki and Margene fix, aka: constant bickering. This show has shown me just how much it would truly suck to be in a marriage with 2 other wives. When I first started watching the show I actually thought it could be something awesome, no more laundry, free daycare, other people to do the dishes...but in reality you'd just have to do your own shit & still have to deal with their drama and their/your kids. NO THANK YOU.

While watching last nights episode it dawned on me that there may be a possibility that the writers will screw us over on the storyline like they did with LOST (I swear I get angry just thinking about that sucky ending).

If you've been watching then you know that Bill is being brought up on rape charges because Margene was only 16 when they got 'married' aka: had sex. Then we have Barb who thinks she's a priesthood holder and divorced Bill so he & Nicky could get legally married in order adopt Nicky's teacher lovin' daughter. Oh and lets not forget Margene, she's totally breaking down and is questioning why she joined the Hendrickson family in the first place. Crap...I forgot about the manipulative Nicky...she was held captive by her in-the-closet heavenly father brother and was almost murdered.

Yeah...it's pretty effing intense! And it would be all fine and dandy with me if all of this was happening and it was the 3rd episode of the season but it's not. The season is over in 2 episodes.How the heck do the writers hope to explain & straighten everything out in 2 - 45 min episodes (yeah, I've counted & it's not an hour...liars).

I want closure. I want to know what happens with all of the main characters and I don't want the ending to be Bill staring straight at the camera as the screen turns to black or it to end with lots of holes *cough* The L Word *cough* . I hate when they try to get all artsy with finales, just end the damn thing by covering all yoru bases. As a viewer for the last 5 stinkin' years I think I deserve it. I demand it!

I hope the writers learned something from other shows' mistakes. Don't piss off the viewers, we're the only reason your show survived.

end rant.



  1. I haven't watched this show since its first season. I loved it then, but I need to catch up. Please warn me if you do a post with spoilers.

  2. I've never watched Big Love, but I can't think of a single show where I thought, "you know they wrapped that up quite nicely!" Okay, well maybe Friends. But that's it. Of course, when most of the shows I like tend to be canceled after the first season...

  3. I've heard this is a great show but have yet to see it. I love watching shows on DVD no commercials.

  4. I need to watch this one, too. I started during the first season but then got distracted.

    I thought Six Feet Under did a nice job with the finale. I actually sobbed when that one ended.

  5. Thank you for sharing your kind words today.

  6. We havent watched since the first season...but I still understand the pissed off feeling regarding show endings. We watch ALL of lost on Netflix in about a month and Im still pretty pissed about the ending as well...I dont feel better I wanna know what the hell really happened! That or when they just cancel stuff after the first or second season but they dont tell you! ugh.

    Really I think that they leave them all kind of open ended just in case they wanna bring it back if that makes any sense...:)


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