Sunday, February 20, 2011

We Need To Clone These People ASAP

Rusty's currently showing me some very cool stuff on one of his nerd shows on National Geographic. As I sit here typing this I am watching scientists reanimate dead organs & create new one's from nothing...for realz.

When I hear this I automatically think "saving people's lives' and Rusty thinks "we're one step closer to creating zombies". In all realness though there are scientist out there creating ways for burn victims to regrow skin without having to go through skin grafts, that's awesome sh*t.

My aunt was diagnosed with melanoma a few years ago & had to have a part of the side of her foot cut out & when they did the skin grafting which she said hurts more than anything, didn't take she was left with a large crater like hole with shriveled skin in it. It's nice to think that someday people may not have to go through the pain of skin grafts or having your body reject organs.

I also saw an albino/hairless mouse with a 1/2 size human ear growing on it's backside and after my initial disgusted reaction, I started to think how awesome it would be to be able to get a brand new ear if I were to lose one in an accident. People would no longer have to be labeled as "freaks".

The show also showed a 19yr old guy who was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at 10yrs old & was going to be needing a ton of chemotherapy. That was until a super smart doc came & saved the day by creating him a new bladder. Yep, dude made him a new bladder using the kids own bladder cells & conjoining them with stem cells. Needless to say it worked & now the kid is all fine & dandy.

Whether it's regenerating cells/organs or creating new one's or even spraying stem cell gel on burn victims that will help their body regrow skin within weeks or putting pig bladder cells on a lost digit to have it completely regrow again (fingerprints & all), the point is the people that are coming up with this stuff need to be cloned or something. I'm thinking we should maybe save some of the swimmers and eggs off of these smarties in case we're ever heading toward Idiocracy.

The last thing we need are people trying to grow crops using Gatorade instead of water. You know, because water is only meant for toilets.



  1. But Brawndo's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes.

  2. a) It's amazing all the things that scientists are doing now! Ken and I are the same way as you and Rusty (zombies vs. awesome science, with him for zombies)!

    b) I love that movie, but it's almost depressing....because it might be true.

  3. It's simply amazing what science can do these days!!

  4. This kind of stuff is so amazing! What floors me is that there are people that think this stuff is unethical and we shouldn't be doing it. I don't understand that. Why wouldn't we want to help heal people and save lives?

  5. See, I saw them do some crazy growing stuff on Grey's Anatomy, but I didn't think they could do it for real!!! Love nerds!

    Hope you're having a Happy Presidents Day!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner?


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