Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day Gifts...No Thank You!

Rusty & I dont do Valentines Day, we never have. Regardless of the fact that my dislike of this "lover's day" began in Jr. High School when all the pretty long legged girls {my stubby legs never stood a chance) were getting flowers & balloons from all the hotties, it's just always seemed like a corporate holiday to me.

Also, I dont really need a designated day of the year to make me feel like it's okay to eat an entire pound {or 2} of cholocate, shoot...I inhaled an entire bag of Dove chocolate just the other day. I mean, what? *shifts eyes*

Whether or not you celeberate this day or not, I think we can all agree that there are definetly some things that should never be given as a gift because not everything says I love you...

Stuffed animals are annoying as hell but not as annoying as a stuffed animal that compliments you all while butchering the English language & also calling you a bad name.

I love homemade as much as the next girl but this...this is something you definitely dont want to open in front of mom & dad. Talk about awkward. (Note: The expression on the ginger-man's face is effing hilarious!)

LED {furry} undies: Upside-you can probably program them to flash to the beat of your favorite 70's porn music. Downside-Lots. But one is definitely having fur in your crack.

Buying your girl an apron that reads "How To Keep Your Husband" probably isnt the best of ideas unless of course she has a great sense of humor or you dont mind getting some of your teeth knocked out.

After being married to a guy that's crude & funny for the last 5 years all of these gifts are pretty hilarious. But I definitely wouldn't have wanted to get any of them when Rusty & I were first dating. I think I might actually drop him a hint about buying me that apron. The fact that I don't cook or clean {at all} just makes it all that funnier.

Do you & your special somone celebrate Valentines Day? Do you have any plans?



  1. No Valentine's plans or gifts for us! Every once in a while, if we both happen to be off work, we'll go out to dinner on or around V-Day. It's not a big production or anything, just a normal date. Like you, spending money on crap for a fake holiday just isn't our thing :)

  2. hilarious!!
    my hubby is working this year so nothing big..
    usually we say no gifts .then he gets me something
    and we usually go out to eat
    that's about it

  3. I hate flowers. No scratch that, I hate getting flowers. I just feel like they're a waste of money. The flowers will be dead in a week. Just GIVE me that money. OK, rant over.

    I had told The Hubs I wanted some trinket but told him forget about it. I really just want to buy myself some books. Weird?

  4. ok- I like valentines day!

    1. I think the stuff is cute. I like stuffed animals (the cute ones now!) and I like some of those hearts and pink stuff and ect. I'm picky but if its good I like it.

    2. I like presents. even more than that- I like it when my husband buys me presents. just cause hes supposed to cause he loves me. umm yeah. LOL

    i sound so spoiled right about now, but im ok with that. I'm completely unspoiled about 350 days out of the year- i'll take the few days where i can be! I totally get its a completely made-up consumer holiday and I am A-ok with that too. I like being a consumer. stuff gimme gimme! I just can't consume as much as i want too. damn recession!

  5. bf and i don't really do presents, we always have dinner some place, mostly somewhere we haven't been because we usually eat out on the weekends. we tend to use or spend money on trips, travel and electronics. but if i get a louis vuitton bag i wouldn't mind it either. but i really want a st. bernard. :)

  6. We didn't have any Valentine's Day plans and we haven't for a while. I remember two years ago, we hosted a Vday party for all our single guys friends because Vday happened to fall on the NBA All Star weekend.

    My hubby is against Valentine's Day. He doesn't believe that you have to show your love on this one day of the year.


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