Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

This holiday weekend went by way too quickly, so not fair. I also didnt blog as much as I wanted to this weekend because I was busy trying to get a side job at another blog. In all reality it was the perfect position for me but the captain of the ship was very particular in how she wanted things done & as much as I loved it, I just wasn't ready to roll that way. So my bad grammar & I thanked her for the opportunity and walked away. Congrats to the next person in line!

Now here's my 10 on Tuesday:

  1. It really sucks to have someone pin point all of your mispelled words (spellcheck you failed me!) & tell you you use too many run on sentences. But as much as it sucked, I'm glad it was done.

  2. I'm a little nervous about going to a blog meet up this Thursday with about 40 other bloggers. It always feels like a first date, what should I wear, will they like me, am I going to be the wall flower? *deep breath*

  3. Rusty is a lot more understanding of the things I want to do than I am of his. We spent all weekend at home, in front of our computers for me & I won't even go with him to gold pan. This has to change. Shelfish b*tch Lin has to give in.

  4. Pirates killed 4 Americans...this sucks. To be completely honest, when I first heard about the pirate thing I instantly thought of this:

  5. Over the weekend I learned that I'd rather pay $12 to see a movie & have a quiet theater than to pay $5 and have annoying a*s children run back & forth from my theater to another.

  6. Never stay in a theater that smells like a cheap motel room. Im pretty sure some of the seats had love stains on them. *gag*

  7. I think it may be time for a hair cut. My hair is so blahh.

  8. Rusty & I watched Unknown over the weekend (see #5 & 6) and while the movie wasn't bad (Liam Neeson was awesome), it wasn't fantastic either. If you've been wanting to see it I suggest you just wait til it's on DVD.

  9. I'm fat. No really...I am. I went to the doc on Friday & I'm back up to 186, you can totally tell by all of my lumpiness. I think I may finally give in & buy a treadmill or elliptical like Rusty's been suggesting.

  10. I'm about 98% sure I'm starting a new blog. No need to start freaking out though (oh you SO now you were), I'm not going anywhere. I'm just going to start a new one about something I'm practically obsessed with. I'm still working some stuff out & when it's a fo' sho' thing I'll let ya'll know ;) Plus, I might be needing a partner on this new magic carpet ride so I'll be posting about it.



  1. "We are the pirates who don't do anything! We just stay home, and lay around." I love that song.

    Remember, it's not "give in" it's "compromise". You can do it!

    I can't wait to hear about your new little project!

  2. I literally cannot stand it when people point out errors on my blog. I want to tell them (first, to eff off) that they're free to write their own damn blog if they're so perfect.

    Good luck with your meet-up! I'm sure it'll be really fun!

  3. wow! blog meet up with 40 other bloggers, that's huge! but exciting! and i'm curious and excited about your new blog :)

  4. How did the blog meet up go?

    And did you get to watch I am Number Four yet?

    I can't wait to read your new blog. I have added it to my google reader and will be reading it this morning.


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