Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

So I hear almost the entire East Coast is drowning or freezing it's butt off in snow. Wow...props to you guys for staying alive! We're in the low/mid 50's here in SoCal today & I have my little space heater on under my desk and I'm sporting a big comfy knitted sweatshirt because this is what we consider cold. It's ok...you can hate us, we're pretty much used to it.

Oh...I have a pretty kick a*s giveaway for you guys either tomorrow or Thursday, don't know if I'll finish up the post tonight. I hope you guys dig it, it's something I personally would love to keep for myself but that would be unethical, I guess *eye roll*.

Here's my 10 on Tuesday:

  1. I'm really glad it's Tuesday because I can only take about two more days of my annoying co-workers. They're celebrating all of the January birthdays today & are having Togo's for lunch. When asked why I didn't want to join in I told them it was because I didnt like Togo's, guess they didn't believe me because they haven't stopped asking. Maybe I'll come up with a smart ass answer like, my grandfather was poisoned by a Togo's employee so I dont trust them anymore, lol. Maybe then they'll STHU & leave me alone.

  2. I turned off the TV the other day because all that was on was the Egypt protests. It's not that I don't care, I do, but I have my own damn problems to deal with right now.

  3. My awesome Canadian bloggy bud Leesh sent me a couple of kick a*s nail polish colors to help me with my resolution of painting my nails more often. So far I've only used the red color on my toes but I love how girly I feel (even if I don't look it...and really I don't).

  4. I'm a little teeny tiny ashamed to admit it but I picked the sweater I'm wearing today out of the dirty laundry. I know...super gross but it was totally necessary as I didn't really care enough to find something clean. See, I told you, necessary.

  5. Charlie Sheen...what a freaking loser. Why do all the idiots have to be the rich ones? Give me a 1/4 of his money & I'll build some schools, feed the poor kids, help find a cure for {any type} of cancer...but what I won't do is spend it on cheap yet overpriced hookers & coke.

  6. Some cities are passing ordinances that will put dumpster divers in jail & I think this is bullsh*t. It's trash! If they want it, let them have it. I get that some people are diving for personal info & stuff but be responsible & don't toss your bills/anything with your SSN on it in the trash. Burn it. I see no reason why our tax dollars should be spent on prosecuting someone for digging through trash & collecting your recyclables that you don't give a sh*t about anyway. Priorities people.

  7. I could really really go for a huge cup of ice cold milk & a package of Oreos right now!

  8. I was sick about 2 weeks ago & now my nose is all stuffed up again. This blows monkey balls because I'm a huge baby when it comes to being sick & I don't have any more sick time. That means I'm going to be the girl that sits at work randomly tapping her keyboard pretending to look busy while doped up on cold meds.

  9. Remember all those times I whined & moaned about the MIL? Well...I think I miss her. Yup it's true, I think I might be missing the little round lady. I may in fact miss her cooking & baking {a lot} more than the actual lady but whateves, it's a package deal.

  10. What is up with that gay boy (I mean this in the most non homophobic way possible, I lurv the gays) Justin Bieber getting his own movie? The dude's barely hitting puberty, his voice hasn't even changed & he gets a movie about how great & talented he is? Pfft...I didn't even know who he was up until a few months ago & now he's biggest thing evah & in 3-D. Maybe the Mayans were right about the end of the world, at least I'm hoping they are because I don't want to live in a world of Idiocracy.



  1. I get such a kick out of you! Your honesty just tickles me to death!! Thanks for ten much needed giggles today!

  2. Ugh. Frickin' Bieber. He was on The Today Show talking about: puberty & his voice changing. He needs to calm the heck down. It's not like he's going to end up sounding like Barry White. Jeez.

    In re: to #4. I've done the exact same thing & it felt good not to care.

    Mmmm oreos.

  3. 1. I don't know what Togo's is, but it sounds terrible. And also, your coworkers need to get a grip.

    2. I tend to pay attention to stuff like that, but more so because my aunt and uncle went to Egypt and just made it out before things got ugly.

    4. If it smells like it came directly from the laundry, you're good.

    5. Like I said before, anyone who associates with Charlie Sheen deserves what they get at this point.

    6. Lame.

    9. :O(

    10. Agreed. Obviously.

  4. I love that you got your sweater out of the dirty clothes bin. I just pick mine off the floor and wear it again. You're one step less lazy than I am.

  5. LOL! you're fricken hilarious! luv how you admitted the sweater you're currently are wearing you picked out from your dirty laundry. i'll admit it, i'm guilty of it once in a while. and about your MIL?! at least you recognized it's a package deal!

    happy saturday! have a great weekend!


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