Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Feeling Very Blah...

I've been stuck in some type of rut lately. It's been a 'I feel fat' rut, a 'I just want to stay in & watch TV' rut, and even an 'Um...I'm too tired, gotta go to work in the morning' rut.

I think it all comes from one thing...I hate the way I look. I feel frumpy and lumpy all the time. I think tonghts the night when I put my fat foot down & buy a treadmill or something.

I mentioned before that I'm going to be attending a blog meet up tonight and as much as I want to go, I'm dreading going home & trying to find something to wear because I know it's not going end well.

Blood, sweat & tears...this should not happen when simply tyring on pants. Ha-ha.

Also, this picture totally made my day:

I told you not to drink out of my cereal bowl cat!

Chubs out.



  1. so did you just pull this directly from my brain or what? Girl im right there with you- i just can't seem to shake this feeling and its a vicious circle of i feel like crap, but there is ZERO motivation to do much about it, hence feeling more like crap. This is why i started weight watchers. Its slow, but its helped some. I havn't shaken that feeling completely but im working on it. I really think you should buy a treadmill if you can because its a positive step towards making yourself feel better! at the end of the day its not about weight or a size, its about feeling happy and feeling happy in your own skin!

  2. I know the feeling. I'm in the same rut.
    Hoping we both can get out of it soon!

  3. love that photo! hope you can find something that will cheer you up or get your groove on.

  4. I'm sorry you're in a funk :( Here's hoping that you and I both snap out of them soon!

    Also, poor kitty!

  5. I have been feeling the same way. Last week, I came home and went straight to my bedroom and sat in the dark for 20 minutes. It's just been like that for me lately. But on Thursday morning, I woke up and dragged my butt to the gym. I only ran for 20 minutes but I felt great. Very energized and happy at work even though I truly hate it there.

    Now if only I could get up and go the gym every morning. If I did this, the world would be a happier place (for me anyway).


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