Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finger Licking Good...

Rusty showed me this video a few days ago & I'll give you the same warning he gave me...

"Watch it if you want, but you might throw up a little in your mouth."

Did you watch it?

If you did then you're probably with me on not only trying to hold in your breakfast but also wondering why in the world anyone would do that in public (or ever)? I also think I might like torturing myself because I've actually sat through this video a couple of times trying to figure out what exactly she's eating, in hopes of course that it's not what you'd normally find back there.

I wonder if she realized everyone was staring at her & that's why she left or maybe she just wanted to get a further reach... *gag*.

Either way, it's pretty disgusting & it just goes to prove that you're always being watched so if you want to pick your nose, butt, whatever, you may just want to do it in private.



  1. Oh. My. God. EW!

    I can't believe she had her had way down there, sniffed, went back for more and ate....something. WHAT. seriously, i thought nose picking was bad. DAMN.

    I love the guy laughing his head off though lol.

  2. ok so yeah, just watched it a second time. Its like a car crash- you can't help but to look. LOL

  3. okay, my husband and i just cracked up watching this - besides the fact that it is disgusting, the dude laughing kept making me laugh. oh boy.

    i'm with you though, whoooo does that!?!

  4. Omigosh!!
    I'm laughing so hard.
    Who does that???????
    She was sitting 1 chair away from someone and was doing it with her looking!
    I would have asked if she was all right haha.


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