Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 On Tuesday & A SoCal Giveaway

Fact: It's only Tuesday & I'm already mentally done with this week. I actually thought about calling into work sick today but then I remembered I'd still have to show up for work on Wednedsay & Thursday and I'd lose a days pay so I sucked it up & got dressed instead.

Anyway....here's my 10 on Tuesday:

  1. I often wonder how much trouble I'd actually get in if I just laid my head down on my desk & fell asleep at work. Would anyone even notice or wake me up or would I just be able to play it off like I had a slight case of narcolepsy?

  2. I really want to see this movie:

  3. There's this chick I work with that just annoys the hell out of me. She hasn't done anything to me & we don't talk much but there's just something about everything she does that makes me roll my eyes.

  4. Keith Olbermann announced that he's Current TV's Chief News Officer of Current Media...whatever that means. I'm totally excited about this & glad he didn't retire after leaving MSNBC. Hopefully they'll give him his own show because I miss his rants.

  5. My birthday's next Thursday & I'm sort of wishing I had better plans than to just stay home since I have a 4 day weekend. I told Rusty I wanted to keep it really low key, with it being my 28th I didn't want to make a big whoop, but now I'm thinking we should have planned some sort of trip. Oh well...at least I'm getting Rusty's homemade pot-roast & a cake, mmm cake :)

  6. It seriously pisses me off that the city of Perris does not have any large stores in it besides freaking Walmart. I hate that I have to either drive 20 -30 minutes South or North to get to a Kohl's, Target, Best Buy & Ross. They have these stupid banners around town that say "Shop Locally" but there's literally no where to shop so it's really stupid to even have them up . Get with the damn program & give your residents some stores to shop locally at!

  7. Um...what the eff was up with Christina Aguilera effing up the National Anthem for the Superbowl? I'm sure she knew she'd be singing it well in advance so why didn't she memorize the damn thing? Sing it in the shower, in the car, on the way to the grocery store, while you're paying your ugly boy-toys bills (*cough* sugar mama *cough*), just learn the damn thing! She's a performer, has been for many years so I'm totally not buying that she lost her place in the song.

  8. I just read that Bristol Palin *gag* is writing a memoir. WTF is wrong with publishing companies now a days, it seems like they'll publish just about any garbage. I wonder if it'll be titled "Memoirs of the Daughter of a Nobody Who Tried Desperately to be a Somebody But Failed & Is Still Trying to Stay Relevant Through Lame Books"? Bwahaha, I crack myself up! Ok that was a bit harsh but in all reality she's like 20, she has no business writing a memoir on how she got knocked up as a teen & lost on Dancing with the Stars.

  9. I desperately need to go buy new black flats. The one's I wear to work are now some sort of homeless grayish color.

  10. Turn signals are installed in a vehicle for the purpose of being used. Utilize them!


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  1. Can I just say how fed I am with teen girls getting famous off of pregnany? Ew! I had a baby. Where's my book deal, TV show and $200000 a year?!

    I hope you have a great at home birthday! Sitting at home on long weekends are my favorite. It's just so relaxing :)

  2. You share the same birthday as my sister-in-law. What will you be doing to celebrate your bday this year?

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I called in sick for you today. Well, technically I guess it was for the flu...but it's the thought that counts!

  4. Britol Palin?? seriously? that girl needs to get a clue. Who gives a crap? Not I. Not most people. ANYWAYS :)

    I totally know what you mean about that girl at work- i think we all know someone like that. They don't do anything wrong but still bug the crap out of us. and then just hope we aren't like that for someone else haha.
    and its your birthday!! fun! your almost a valentines baby!


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