Monday, January 3, 2011

Yes,This Is A Lame 2011 Goals Post...

I haven't made a resolution or set goals for the new year in about 3 years. The last couple of times I did it I didnt actually follow through with any of it so I've always thought it best not to even bother however this year feels a little different. I cant tell you why or how because in all reality the first 2 days of this new year were spent eating all the crap I said I wouldnt & spent the money I thought I'd be saving, go figure.
Either way, I'm gonna jot down some goals in hopes that I'll follow through with them {or at least 1} but I'm not going to beat myself up if I dont.

One thing I will learn:
How to manage my time better. On a daily basis I have about 200 things I want/have to get done & I only get about 2 done. I'm a planner but plan horribly. I need to learn to put my husband first, my family second & my blog third because right now the blog is ahead of all of them & that's not bueno.

One place I will go:

San Franscisco. I've lived in CA all my life & have yet to experience 95% of it, that's sad. San Fran is a place Rusty & I have talked about visiting for years {about 6} & for whatever reason haven't done it yet. This year I want to finally get in the car & drive the 7 measly hours it takes to get there.

One physical habit I will break:
Not keeping up my appearence. I've never the person who takes an hour to get ready, give me 15 minutes & I'm set. But, that's with no makeup or hair done. I found that my eyebrows dont grow as often as they used to so I pluck maybe every 3 months & my hair's always in a ponytail because I dont want to deal with it. I'm tired of being that homely chick so I will try to harder to look nicer.

One physical habit I will {continue to} cultivate:
Painting my nails. There's just something about having my nails done that makes me instantly feel more "girly". Right now I have them painted a pink color & even though I'm wearing a sweater & jeans I still feel good about myself.

One mental habit I will break:
Comparing my life or where I'm at in life with others. I tend to do this a lot & it causes me and my marriage tons of stress. I will try really hard stop this & start enjoying what I do have.

One mental habit I will cultivate:
Seeing the glass half full because I'm tired of seeing that damn glass half emtpy all the time.

One relationship I will repair:
There's only one I can think of but I think the time to repair it has passed. We will never be those people again, even if we tried, so it's best just to move on.

One work habit I will change:
It's not really a "work habit" but I will try not to b*tch about my job so much. It sucks that I semi-forced into this position & it's a lower pay but at least I have a job. I have to be thankful for that.

One thing I'll throw out:
There's not just one thing, there are lots. I will toss out all of the clothes I haven't worn in over 6 months, I will toss out the clutter in my at onetime beatiful walk in closet, and I will toss out all of the letters that have piled in my dresser drawer.

One thing I'll eat more often:
Non processed foods. I eat way too much food that's been preserved & processed with god knows what. I need more veggies in my life!

One thing I'll eat less:
Fast food. I'm not saying I'll give it up cause I love french fries like no one's business but I will try to cut down.

One thing I'll drink more of:
Water. I've started carrying a bottle of water around with me in hopes that it'll help me consume more of it on a daily basis but somehow an ice cold Dr. Pepper always finds it's way into my other hand. I think it's time to start puting down the soda instead of the water, sometimes.

One thing I'll drink less:

One over-due email I'll send, or over-due phone call I'll make:
None that I can think of.

One resentment I'll get over:
The fact that some woman have flat stomachs. I know that I have to get up & do something about my medium bulge but even at my fittest I've always managed to have a little belly. Maybe it's genetics or I'm just not doing enough sit-ups, either way I will try not to be such a hater.

One person I'll treat more respectfully:
Rusty. I love him with all of my being & respect him but find that I sometimes do not take him into consideration when making plans.

One thing I'll spend less money on:
Fast food. Mr McDonalds & Jack will have to do without my money a few times less a week.

One other change I'll make to my finances:
Start putting money away in our savings account every payday. Right now we're just spending what we have & not thinking about the future. Even if it's $50 every payday I will start saving in case of an emergency.

One thing I'll spend less time doing:
Saying no to Rusty. Seriously I say no to him way too much. It's no we cant do that, no we cant spend money on that, not now cause I'm tired...no no no no no. He's not a child, he's my partner & I need to remember that.



  1. wow, people with goals scare me, I think it's a football/cheerleader incident from my youth. None the less hope ya the best in all you want to achieve. My I'll be right here in my pj's with my lappy.

  2. Lin, I think these are fab! I should probably do a few of these myself! I've noticed on the soda thing that while it was a hard habit to break, once I did sodas just made me feel kinda icky.

    Good luck, friend! I hope you'll update as the year goes on!

    (this certainly beats my goals of purchasing a propane torch and more Vera)

  3. These are very good goals, and I think that with a little discipline, you will be able to stick to them. Good luck!

  4. This is a great list! It's not too typical like "lose 20 pounds" or whatever. These are good, achievable goals! Good luck!

    And 66 days isn't too long...Just 3 months! :)

  5. Lin - this is great. I don't want to make any resolutions myself, do you mind if I copy this post?

    I love how you are going to start painting your nails more often. I love painting my nails. And as I type this, I am going to blog every week about my nails because of this 18 piece set I got for Christmas.

    And also, like you, I need to go back to drinking more water again.

  6. I need better time management skills, too! And this pregnancy has definitely put a halt on my dr. pepper drinking! Good luck with cutting down on the sodas.

  7. Agreed, good goals! I can relate to several of them. In particular is the comparing self/marriage to others. I do this sooo much, and it causes us stress too. It's just hard when you see so many others your age doing "better." I'm with you - gotta be grateful for what ya got. Good luck!


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