Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

Well I didnt really leave much of a surprise for this post did I? The tittle pretty much sums up this post & obviously there's going to be 10 of something & it is indeed Tuesday...but 10 of what you ask?

Well this of course...

*lifts hands as if presenting something* (ha ha, yes I'm aware I'm somewhat of a dork)

  1. Desperate Housewives...oh em gee...the only thing that's desperate is the story lines. What is going on with show? What's up with Gabby buying a doll & creepily stroking it's face? We all pretty much know she's gonna go somewhat nutzo & treat the doll as if it was her "real" daughter, Grace. And, Susan had to have a kidney removed & is now going on dialysis, really? Sheer dedication & stubbornness is what's keeping me from axing this show from my DVR.

  2. I normally don't eat hard boiled eggs cause they're disgusting but last night I had some in the pork noodles the MIL made & lets just say my belly is pretty bloated today. No beuno.

  3. I'm tired of looking for my house keys so if any of you know where I left them 2 weeks ago, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.

  4. It would be my luck that the 2 days that I get to work super early are the days that my supervisor is on vacation. What do you bet I'll get here late when retired Malibu Barbie is back?

  5. Just because you're the po-po doesn't mean you're above the law! That means you need to get the eff off your cell phone when you're driving, stop cutting in & out of the carpool lane whenever you damn well please, stop turning on your siren to get to the car wash quicker, and for gods' sake stop following me at an unsafe distance!

  6. Dear self righteous people, you're all arrogant morons & no one likes you. Please take your heads' out of your a*ses.

  7. I'm beyond dork excited that all of my favorite shows are coming back! Oh how I've missed you Californication, Big Love, Southland, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, & Law & Order: SVU/ LA/ UK.

  8. I may regret saying this later but as much as I say I hate gossip, I lurve hearing it.

  9. The other day my mom asked me why it is that people read my blog and the only answer I could give is "because I'm awesome!". Yes...I sometimes revert back to being a 13 yr old lol.

  10. As much as I love happy endings, this is one I'm glad didn't happen:

I know it's not nice to say out loud but really...she was just way too hot for him. I just hope he enjoyed every moment of those 8 years cause I think that was his peak, besides Home Alone, of course.



  1. Mila Kunis is way too hot for the Home Alone kid. I was totally girl-crushing on her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    I can't believe they were together for 8 years.

  2. I actually gasped yesterday when I realized that there was going to be fresh t.v. again!

    And yes, Mila Kunis is hawt..love her. 8 years with whatshisname?? Yikes.

  3. I didn't even know they were dating! When I saw the headline on the Yahoo gossip page yesterday, I was surprised.

  4. I have no words for Desperate Housewives, but I can't stop watching! At least Brian Austin Green gives me something to look at now...

  5. I must be super behind the times cause I had NO idea mila kunis was dating macauly Kaulkin. ok I can't spell his name either. and you ARE awesome- duh.

    oh and if I had lost my house keys I would be FREAKING OUT. I watch too many serial killer documentaries.

  6. Hello, YES. She is way, way too hot for him!!! Phew. They would've had exceedingly average children anyways.

    And of course it's because you're awesome!!! ;)

  7. omg mila kunis was with that weird looking man-child? she's way too hot for him! what was she thinking?

  8. You're so right...about all of it, especially that Home Alone kid, oh and the eggs??? How bad to hard boiled eggs stink??? I'm just saying.

    Happy New Year

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  9. hahahah you are awesome! I dont care if that makes us sound 13~!

  10. I had no idea those two were even together until they broke up! I just didn't get it either...


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