Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Perfect Example Of How Not To Parent

While at the MIL's this weekend I came across a show on MTV called I Used To Be Fat. They basically take overweight teens & transform them into leaner humans by teaching them new eating & exercise habits (Yay for heath!).

I usually tend to steer clear of anything MTV does, with the exception of a few Jersey Shore episodes to kill some time (you know you love fist pumping like a mofo!), but since this one seemed a little more legit I thought I'd give it a shot. Well I should have stuck to my freaking guns because within 10 minutes I was yelling at the TV. I had Rusty at my side annoyingly kindly reminding me that they couldn't hear me but I didn't care one bit cause the dad in this story was a freaking moron!

This particular episode revolved around 273lb, 18yr old Makenzie who'd always been overweight. She's like 60% (yes, I made this up) of American women & eats for comfort, it's her thing but she's tired of being "the fatty" so MTV sends her a trainer to help her out in losing 99 lbs in 99 days. The one thing MTV should have sent her though was a freaking therapist because with a father like hers, there's no wonder she eats for comfort.

See Makenzie's full episode here

From the very beginning the dude told her that she'd never find a boy to love/marry her or even date her because of her size, "boys don't like large girls, they like little petite girls" he tells her. Then he continues to say how his other {married} daughters are not overweight & they're really happy, as if the chunk is eating up her happiness or something.

I had to turn the TV off before I hucked it off the balcony...but what I don't get is why a parent would tell a child such things. What sort of a douche tells his beautiful daughter that no one will love her because she's got some padding on her? I thought it was a parents job to love & nurture not tear down a child. Guess someone forgot to read their Parenting for Idiots manual...rule #1 Love them unconditionally.

I get that he might have been looking out for her by wanting her to lose weight & find that special someone but he definitely went about it the wrong way. She was even saying how she wanted to lose weight to finally have boys look at her & this made me way sad. She should have wanted to lose the weight for her not a boy.

I hate it when parents put down their kids like this. I've seen & heard it happen way too often at fast food restaraunts. Parents yelling at their kids not eat the entire hamburger or all of their fries. What they neglect to realize is that they wouldn't be eating any of that crap if they would've just cooked them something at home.

Love isn't in the shape of a body, the clothes you wear or that damn number on the scale, it's a gift that someone gives you when they realize what a great person you are underneath it all. That is what Makenzie's dad should have told her...

Before (273 lbs) / After (197 lbs)

From what I read, Makenzie didn't meet her entire 99 lb goal with the trainer but did continue her weight loss throughout starting college & lost about 76 lbs total. It makes me uber-happy that she lost all that weight (she looks fab) but in losing it I hope she realized that being healthy & looking good should be done for yourself before anyone else.

Have you seen this show? What's your opinion?
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  1. Sigh.

    Like you, I generally steer clear of MTV myself, outside of The Real (Drunken) World and maybe a rerun or two of Jackass.

    Stuff like this pisses me off. It's why that dumb ass Boycott American Women pissed me off. It's why glossy magazines and movie stars piss me off. At what point did we decide that people who are overweight are undeserving?

  2. Boy do I ever hear you. What a weird, twisted way to brainwash one's own daughter.

  3. I can't stand MTV ever since the music disappeared from it, and this is just one more reason. I mean, really, what kind of shitty parent acts like that?? I feel sorry for that girl, but I am glad she decided to change her lifestyle for the healthier!

    P.S. I LOVE your new design, this is the first time I've seen your blog on my home computer since I returned the the online world :)

  4. OMG.
    Hate what the dad told her.
    I agree with you. Great post. :)

  5. It makes me sad that some parents can put down their children in those types of ways. It's like, how could you even WANT to say anything that could ever potentially hurt your child's feelings?

  6. pretty much every show on mtv makes me cringe..and this sounds like it would be the same. bad parenting makes me sad

    xo monica

  7. seriously....WHAT THE HELL MTV??!?? there isn't enough caps lock on this stupid friggin key board to express my shouting. but WHATT>!>>! why in the HELL are they producing shows like that?? WHATT ARGGHHH!!!! AHHH america has gone to hell since i left!! first nicey nash left clean house and now this??? what happened to music? jersey shore was bad enough, and media is bad enough, saying everyone has to be a size negative 1 to be beautiful and now MTV is playing into that. as the irish say....FOR FUCKS SAKE! (excuse my french, or rather, irish).
    And also, i feel, I sooo feel for that poor girl. I was very overweight when i was younger, and for that fat I am still overweight (just not as overweight). I know that a lot of it stems from the treatment I received at home and that verbal and physical abuse that I was subjected to. What her father is doing is verbal abuse and it is shameful. Poor girl. I hope that one day she realizes that the only person that she needs to do ANYTHING for is herself.
    (rant over :) )


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