Monday, January 31, 2011

Netbook or Tab...Opinions?

The original plan for our tax returns were to pay off as many credit cards as possible. That, like I said, was the original plan.

That was until Rusty took it upon himself to remind me that my laptop is about 5 years old & makes a very high pitched noise when it overheats, not to mention it doesn't recognize it's power source anymore and I've gotten the blue screen of death one too many times.

I went ahead & took a gander at laptops but to be honest I'm way too cheap to even think about buying something that's $800, even if I do REALLY need it. Since that price range was out of the question we searched for a miniature version of a laptop, aka Netbooks and I liked what I saw...except it's teeny tiny. I'm afraid I'm going to look like a ginormous she-Ape trying to fit my paws onto that freakishly small key board.

I've also been super fascinated with the IPad, who isn't right? Of course it's totally out of the questions, I'd never pay that amount of money for it but if it was given to me it's not like I'd refuse it or anything...(Sponsors? Apple? Anyone with an extra one they don't need? No? Ok.)

Rusty was watching Attack of the Show the other day and they reviewed the new Samsung Galaxy Tab & it's supposed to be {almost} as awesome as the IPad, just for us poor folk.

I really dug the tab & all it's features (e-book reader, touch screen, dual cameras, web browsing w/flash, GPS) but don't know if I'd be comfortable blogging from it because it's only 7 inches, it seems sort of small to me. It is however powered by Android which I hear is pretty freakin cool. Of course we'd have to purchase it from Sprint (our cell carrier) & sign a new 2yr contract if we want to get it for 1/2 the price, I'm also not so sure I'm down with adding another $29.99 to my monthly cell bill in order to have Internet wherever I go...grr. Why is everything so darn expensive?

I'm already leaning towards one but I'm curious...if you had to choose between a Netbook or the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which would you choose?*

*They're about the same price.



  1. I have an Asus 10" eee PC, and I love it. My battery life lasts forever. You get used to the keyboard very fast. Now when I use my husbands "normal" laptop, the keys feel way too far apart. I bought mine from Amazon. In the first month, I accidentally pitched it across the room and lost some pixels and returned it for a new one no problem. One of my good friends also has the same comp, and he loves it too.

  2. I don't have a Netbook, but I have a couple of friends who do and they are SO tiny. Other than that, everyone seems to be relatively happy with them and for the price I think they're fairly decent.

    One of the downsides to the iPad is that you're limited to Apple. No USB port, either. I know a lot of companies are coming out with similar products this year (I'll be eying the Blackberry version, since it's compatible with my phone), so if it were me, I'd rather go with something like that instead of a laptop. But, I also have a pretty decent PC...

    Sigh. I don't know. I can't even decide what shampoo I like...

  3. Dont do the tab!! or well thats my opinion- first of all they aren't as great as they are made out to be. I have a few friends who have them and while they are all shiney and new and ooh and ahh that fades fast and then you are left with a giant iphone when all you wanna do is type out an email or play solitare. also that 30 bucks a month will add up fast and you might as well have spent the 800 dollars in the laptop in the first place.
    I would go netbook all the way. I laughed out loud atyour decription of yourself!!! but seriously i know myself i would be much happier with something a little more traditional with the keyboard and all and also i wouldnt worry about breaking it and it would be more multifunctional. I have a good friend who is a total computer nerd and he bought one and freaking loves the thing, takes it everywhere with him. its his security computer (you know, instead of the blanket)
    but thats just my humble opinion ya know!

  4. I have two netbooks and love them. One is an Asus and the other is HP. No difference in them to me. I wouldn't like a tablet for blogging because of the typing issues---touch screens not great for typing on.

    I quickly got used to the netbook's size. The features, however, are limited unless you purchase the full version of windows. At least it has built in wi-fi so I don't have to pay for a subscription....I just get near a starbucks or library if I'm not at home and I'm set!

    My kids use it for all of their homework and socializing!

    Good luck!!

  5. If you plan on doing a fair amount of typing, you're probably better off with the netbook. Those typepad interfaces on the tablets look cumbersome.

  6. I don't have either, but I would vote for the netbook because it has a keyboard and I am not too fond of touch screens. Plus if you plan to do a lot of typing I would think the keyboard would be easier...

  7. I have the Asus 10" too and it didn't take me long to get used to its smaller size. But, I wouldn't want to go any smaller!

  8. How about going to a store that fixes up laptops? They sell refurbished laptops for 200 bucks. I have used laptops, netbooks, and iPad...and I still prefer laptops. I have an iPhone and I'm sticking with what I said. Go call around and see if you can find refurbished laptops for sale.

  9. I've got to admit, as much as I hate my particular netbook, if I had to choose between it and a tablet to be my sole computer I'd still pick it! There's something about actually having a keyboard to type on that I NEED for my primary computer usage. Heck, I have an android phone and I even made sure that my touch screen PHONE had a slide out keyboard for me to type on!

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I think you'll be disappointed with a tablet as your primary computer. Netbooks take a bit of getting used to, but they're really not bad! Except for Dell ;)

  10. We have the iPad AND a new Toshiba netbook. I prefer the netbook. So does my husband... yet he won't ditch the iPad. I can do most of the same things he can do but he can't type normally or use flash on his iPad.

    Get a netbook - it's a much better value.

  11. I am not sure what I would get. I am so not techie, I am surprised I even know how to blog =)

    I think the Samsun Tab looks kinda cool but if you want to blog and stuff like that, you are better off getting a netbook, for typing purposes.


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