Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maybe It's Payback Time

Rusty cycles through hobbies. He's done it since I could remember & I've always supported him on them because it gets him out of my hair for a while makes him happy.

But after 7 years of being together & 5 years (on Saturday) of marriage I never thought he'd actually be into something that may just pay us back all that money we've spent on

Airsoft equipment

Warhammer 40k material*

and the time & energy put into WoW.

Until now now.

Rusty's gone & decided he's bored with all of the 3 three above & he's moved on to fry bigger, fatter, golder fish. He's currently waiting for a kit to be shipped to our house so that he can drag take me along with him to do this

and hopefully come home with lots of this...

It's no where near the getaway I envisioned, the sandy beach I planned on laying on or the late night love-a-thon that would've happened in Vegas but it's time together. And who knows maybe we'll gather enough specks & bits to at least get us our Disneyland passports back, ha-ha.

I'm not expecting to come home with millions or anything, I'm a realist, I'll take hundreds.

(ahh...the crazy & boring things we do for love)

*Rusty actually made me use a photo of the Warboss he custom designed & painted. Yup...he's a nerd.



  1. Ashley & I were just talking about how much fun this would be! If you strike it rich, you'll have to fly us out and let us pan some gold with you!

    Also, this makes me think of the evil toy from some Toy Story where he always says "there's gold in them thar hills!"

    Have fun! :)

  2. Haha, nice idea! Good luck and enjoy either spending it or making it into your own jewelry ;) Maybe one of your new hobbies then? ;)

  3. Hey Lynn, you have been oh-so prestigiously been given a Blog Award. I'm sure you're THRILLED :-)


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