Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Cant Hide Forever But I'll Try

I was naive in thinking that this place could be my secret getaway forever. A place where I could write what I wanted without any judgement from family, since I'm sure you're aware they're always the harshest. No one but Rusty knows the name of my little Internet hide out but family members are getting curious.

I think it ignites something in them when you tell them that it's your place to vent {about everything} & they're not allowed. It's sparks curiosity as to why they cant read it & it makes them want it even more. As far as I'm aware no ones found this place yet but it's not like it would difficult, even without using anyone's full/real name I was able to google & find it within minutes.

Rusty says I shouldn't give a damn if anyone finds it, he's right, I shouldn't but I do. I don't write to hurt people's feelings, I write to vent. Whether it's in anger or happiness, they're my thoughts & feelings that are put out there. I've written a couple of things that I would never say out loud, I've vented about family & my life and I'm not going to delete it or edit any of it because that's how I felt at the time.

Things changes, perspectives change & I change, everyday. Take it or leave it, this is who I am.

One thing this whole "family playing detective" thing has taught me is that you can't hide forever & if you're going to write something make sure you're willing to stand up for it later.

I'm not planning on going private or anything, that's my cup of tea but I do plan on making them work to find this place. You might have noticed I changed my photo, I'm not too happy with the current one but it will do for now. Anyone who knows me IRL would have recognized my old photo right away. I don't know if you guys will actually understand where I'm coming from, cause in reality it feels sorta silly, you know that there is certain things you just don't want family knowing.


On a much happier note, you will soon be seeing this place with a new layout. I was lucky enough to win a discount over at Zany Dezines a few weeks ago & the very talented Amber is pretty much all done with it. Now all that needs to happen is for me to pay her, haha. Payday is friday (woot!) so if she has the time this weekend, you should be seeing it's brand newness (so not a word) by next week. Yay!


  1. I know I sure don't my family to know I vent about them. And if Eddie and Loretta find out about it... wait. I don't care if they do.
    But my sister would die and melt on the spot.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, only my husband knows about my little vent... well the only other person reading my blog who knows me in real life is the person who got me started blogging.
    I wouldn't really care if my family finds it, but I'm not going to show it to them:)

  3. Well if it makes you feel any better... I googled your name blog... as in yoru real name and the world blog and after getting through 3 pages of stuff I gave up. I couldn't find it!

    I am a wee bit worried about mine though. Not for family reasons... but because of work. Ugh.

    Also? I will punch your SIL and her hubs for you. I'm a bit stabby these days. I gotchu girl.

  4. I was able to keep my blog secret from family for almost a year. But sadly, one of them found me by accident. It was a sad, sad day for me.

  5. Not cool, family! If they do find you, I'm curious to see if they say something. I mean, you've asked them for your privacy. It really annoys me that they can't let you be. They are def showing that you have every right to rant about them. ;)

  6. First that little comic is way too funny. I have to print that out and post it.

    Second, I know just how you feel about venting about everything, that is what my blog is for. As long as they understand that these are your feelings and respect that, things should be okay.

  7. There are times when I really wish I wasn't so accessible, especially when it comes to family because I feel like there are things I just can't say (and I actually got into an argument with my dad about it last week).

    But, I think that you're right. If you're going to put it out there, you have to be ready to defend it later. And I don't think it's just that way with family. My choice was to continue to do it my way and let people know that I'm not always going to say what they want to hear or be who they want me to be. It's my space. This is your space, too. Own it.

  8. i feel for you, as a matter of fact, i'm trying to create a post sometime this week about this on my blog. with me, there's just a small group of people i personally know who assume about who i am, my life, people i hang out with - then they gossip about it. personally, if it was about me, i can deal with that. what bothers me the most is that it affects other people that i have friendships/relationships with. i'll still be sharing and writing, but cautiously. not going private either. no one can chase me out of my own home. xoxo

  9. There's an option on blogger where you can check that you don't want your blog to show up in google search results. Might be worth checking out if you really don't want anyone to find you.

  10. There's an old saying, never wite anything that you don't want people to read. I guess it's more true in the internet age than any other time in history. You really shouldn't care if they find you though, or what you could do is password protect the posts you don't want them to read.

  11. Augghh my ex-husband found my blog just a few months after I started it. He threatened lawsuits and blah blah, I had to make it private for a week or so while I had some attorney friends check it out for "legalities".

    I'm glad he found it, because I said things in there I'd never have the stones to say to him in person. But it was kind of like finding someone rooting through your underwear drawer, if you know what I mean.

  12. First of all, I like the new layout!

    At first, I didn't want my family to know about my blog and then after I didn't care so much, I have nothing to hide. My blog actually inspired my mom and aunt to blog too.

    I do not want my co-workers to find my blog or twitter. My blog I don't care as much because I am careful what I write about but not my twitter - that's where I b*tch. There is one coworker who follows me but I don't mind, she's cool like that!

    No matter who finds you, you should be able to write about what you want. Maybe leave your rants for twitter but lock your profile.


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