Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hotel...Room Service...Sand...Yes Please!

Being married is fun, {really} hard work, tiring, amazing, and definitely an adventure. I never would have thought I'd find a guy that I didn't want to kick in the crotch after 15 minutes or be completely turned on by smelling his arm pit (yep, I'm pretty gross like that) but it happened. I was never much for dating, you may not have realized it but I can be a bit awkward & bitchy sometimes...I know, who'd of thought it?

Rusty I will be celebrating 5 crazy years of marriage on Saturday & to celebrate (on a very very very limited budget) we're getting out of town for a night & heading to OC. We'll be staying at the lovely Embassy Suites Anaheim - South on Friday night & heading out to Huntington Beach to have dinner at Ruby's Diner on the Pier, where we had one of our first 'real' dates.

I'm actually really excited considering I haven't been to the beach in over 2 years. When you've lived in OC all your life, only 25-30 minutes from the beach, not being able to smell the salt in the air & feel the sand at your toes is sheer torture when you decide to move to the boring dessert.

My mom has informed me that this night better bring her a grandchild, talk about pressure. I on the other hand am still teeter tottering on whether or not I'm willing to give up the comfort of my do anything-go anywhere way of life for mommy-hood, that's if I'm even able to get pregnant.

Today's my Friday & I'm literally counting down the hours until I can get outta this joint. I'm tired of staring at this computer screen & listening to my chatty co-workers talk about all of the shitty movies they're planning on seeing this weekend.

No movies for me, thank you...bring on the room service & complementary breakfast buffet!

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  1. i am jealous! <3 i hope you two have an amazing time!!!

  2. I hope you have fun this weekend. It sounds like a great time!

  3. 1. Happy Anniversary! Maybe you'll be walking funny *wink wink* and it won't be because you fell down some damn stairs!

    2. I totally like to smell a guy's armpit. It's hot. I mean not if he has just run a marathon or something, but just his regular ol' armpit. It's all the pheromones.

  4. Oh fun! Mr. BFG and I haven't been on a date in almost a year! I hope you have a great anniversary and a wonderful time together!

    Grandchildren can wait until you're ready...

  5. Have a wonderful time! And I feel your pain-we're coming up on 5 years too and everyone is bugging me about getting preggers....don't let them guilt you into it!

  6. Have a great time!!! Happy anniversary to you both! And yes, make a baby! You guys will be great parents. Sophia wants a friend to play with! She told me.

  7. happy anniversary to you and Rusty. I hope you guys have a great time!

    With my 5 year anniversary approaching, I wonder if my parents are going to say the same thing to me. But I am getting older so it might now be the time for some babies, haha!



    No pressure. It's a HUGE change, obvs. But, I must share, one is NEVER ready. Never ever ever. So don't wait to feel ready because you never will. Ever.

    No pressure.

    *Sprinkles baby dust*

    *Runs away*


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