Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011: Best & Worst Dressed

So...did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I thought they were good, not great. Ricky Gervais hosted & was although he's normally pretty funny (loved him in The Invention of Lying), I didn't find him all that funny as the host.

I was pretty happy with everyone who won but I never thought The Social Network would win as Best Picture-Drama. I thought for sure it didn't stand a chance, you know, it being up against Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception & The King's Speech. Goes to show I know crap about good movies, ha ha.

What I do know for sure is that there were some fugly dresses worn to the awards. Some could have been cute but they just weren't right for this type of night or for their body shapes.

Here are my picks for Best Dressed:

Worst Dressed:

Do you agree?
I was on the fence on Angelina Jolie's dress, its a nice color on her but I'm just not diggin' the old lady long sleeve/long dress look. It's not like she's 64 or in the late 1970's for goodness sake...I guess we should all be happy it's not her usual black boring dress(es). Also, is it just me or is Christina Aguilera getting her chunk on?

Seems like Ricky Garveis pissed off a few more people than he should have with his jokes last night because he got himself banned from hosting the Golden Globes next year. I wonder if it was what he said about Robert Downy Jr. & the LA County Jail or insinuating that there was a gay Scientologis actor or maybe it was the part where he made fun of how old the current head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is by saying he had to help him put his teeth back in? Whichever it was, it goes to show that Hollywood is not about how funny you are or how good your movies are but how much a*s you kiss. (via)



  1. Couldn't agree more on the best/worst dress list, the best I have seen today, though I do believe Eva Longoria should have been on you best dress list as well, and maybe Heidi Klum on the worst dress list:)

  2. I couldn't agree with you more on your worst dressed list. I seriously think that Christina Aguilera and Snooki were separately at birth. Although Halle is beautiful, she ruined her entire look with that dress. As for January Jones' dress, everyone was raving about it, I think the cut outs and her boobs are totally wrong.

    I can't wait for the Oscars now.

  3. I thought Claire Danes looks stunning and hello, did you see that awful mess that JLo was wearing? WTF was up with that shawl thing?

  4. I'm right with you there! I think you categorized them perfectly!

  5. I think I might've liked Angelina Jolie's dress if it didn't have those distracting shoulder pads. But the shoulders totally ruined it for me. *shudders*

    Sounds like the host p*ssed off the WRONG person. I wonder who?!

  6. I think the people in Hollywood need to lighten up and get over themselves - he's only joking around!

    I wasn't digging Angelina's dress either; she looked too frumpy and it made her look old. I also didn't like Scarlett's entire outfit including her face. I know she does old Hollywood very well but can't she sport another look at least once?

    Michelle Williams looked like she stole my mom's drapes and turned it into a dress. And that pixie cut doesn't suit her face. I also think that Sandra Bullock should have been on the worst dressed as well; her hair (bangs) just ruined the entire outfit! I like bangs but hers are way too heavy!

    I loved Helena BC! She's so quirky and totally rocks what she wears regardless of other people who snicker because she could care less!

  7. Agree on all the best dressed except Ann Hathaway... I thought it looked bad-retro, like Angelina's dress.

    Agree on all the worst dressed except Christina - I like her dress. She IS getting a little extra padding.

    Helena looks like a frickin train wreck... what was she thinking?

    What is up with Michelle's hair and makeup? Is it just me or does she look like a possessed male doll?


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