Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's Fill In the Blank Friday time...actually it's still Thursday night but that's just semantics & I wont have time to do them in the morning cause I'll be washing my hair or watching Judge Joe Brown...one of the other. So anyhoo...I hope you all have a fun Friday cause I'm sure mine is going to be GREAT considering I'll be doing this, hehe.

  1. If my house was on fire and I could only grab 3 things, I would grab our wedding album, my jewelry box containing jewelry passed on/given to me by my grams & mom, and my laptop because even though it's super old & about to croak, it has a lot of documents & photos on it that I'd hate to lose.
  2. A smell I really like is the smell of clean sheets. There's just something so fresh about clean smelling sheets.
  3. Something you might not know about me is that I like reading bios on serial killers. I swear I'm not psycho, I just like reading where they came from & maybe getting a glimpse of what may have made them the way they are. It's interesting.
  4. Some of my favorite websites to putter about on are celebrity gossip websites. My favorite one's to stalk are Dlisted & ICYDK, they always have the most up to date celeb trash.
  5. This weekend I will go away with Rusty for our anniversary, help the MIL pack up her apartment so she can head back home on Sunday & I'll probably try to talk Rusty into seeing a movie.
  6. Nothing makes me happier than waking up hungry & realizing there's food ready to be eaten in the kitchen. It's sheer bliss!
  7. A bad habit I have is cutting all my nails off when one breaks. I cant just leave them alone & let the broken one catch up. Nope. If one's short, they must all be short. Yes, I have a bit of that there darn OCD, ha-ha.

Want to play along? Copy the blanks, fill in your answers on your blog & link up at The Little Thing We Do so others can check you out. It's lots of fun!



  1. girl, i like the smell of clean sheets and reading bios of serial killers. i think it's all those psychology classes i took, i love watching serial killer profiling shows and forensic files. sometimes i dream of working for the FBI :)

  2. Mmm, clean sheets!!!

    And yes on number 6, love home-made breakfasts!!!

  3. i used to read those bios. I checked a few out from the library once and the woman looked at me like I was about to stab her.

    And I agree, nothing is better than waking up to breakfast smells from the kitchen. Hmmm....thinking I should get Mr. BFG on that.

  4. I think everyone loves the smell of clean sheets.

    I have now added ICYDK to my daily websites to look at.


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