Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's Friday...well technically it's still Thursday, I'm just posting this early because I'm sick & I'm all jacked up on DayQuil. I called in sick to work the last 2 days & I'm really worried that my supervisor may hold it against me when my review comes up. Apparently getting sick is frowned upon...yeah I don't get this b.s. either.

I haven't participated in Fill In The Blank Friday for some time, guess I just got lazy but I'm here & it's getting done...

  1. My favorite quote is I have a few but one that's always stuck out is "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." by Gandhi. Although I don't live very adventurously, I try to appreciate everything around me.
  2. A bad habit I have is I let piles/stacks of clothes & dishes collect throughout my bedroom. It's something that I swear I'm no longer going to do every time I clean it up but somehow it always ends up happening again. I hate it.Big.Time.
  3. The first time I felt like a "grown up" was when I bought my first car. I had previously purchased 3 cars but always had my parents co-sign & it wasn't until this year that I was able to buy a car all on my own & it felt great.
  4. Weekends are what I look forward to when Monday rolls around. I literally count down the days to Thursday (my friday) & those mornings I can sleep in.
  5. When I was a child I wished my name was Madison. I remember watching Splash & being completely infatuated with being a mermaid so I swore that I'd change my name to Madison when I grew up, ha-ha.
  6. I wish I was smart enough to invent something that would allow me to stay home & not have to work my lame 10hr/4days a week job. I heard some little 14 yr old dude invented an IPod app & is like some kind of millionaire...wth, is it because I went to public school? Yeah, I'm going with that.
  7. A secret I have is I still enjoy watching cartoons. I wake up around 4am & the first thing I do before I get in the shower is turn the tv on to Cartoon Network, ha-ha. It's little stuff like this that makes me question whether or not I'm ready for parenthood...but parents watch cartoons too right? Right?

Want to join in on the fun? All you have to do is copy & fill in your answers on your blog, then go on over to The Little Things We Do & link up so others can check you out.

Happy Friday!



  1. Madison, what a cute name. I remember watching Splash. Wow, Tom Hanks was so cute!

    Cartoon network is always fun to watch. I love those old school Tom and Jerry. Or the one with that big dog and little dog....they are friends....big dog always gets in trouble because he is trying to save the little one. I think that's cute!

  2. I like this.

    Love the quote; I do the same with stacks & I don't know why.

    I loathe these new cartoons but enjoy the old ones. I *think* that makes me really, really, old.

  3. Glad to see you around again!

    And by the way, Splash, one of my favorites growing up! Hello, it's about a real, live mermaid!


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