Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

So I've seen this "10 on Tuesday" thing around the interwebs lately & since I have a ton on my mind & not just one thing I care to write about....you've guessed it, I'm lumping it all together in my 10 on Tuesday! I know, exciting isn't it?

  1. I still don't understand the point to the gift card exchange we're having at work today. I had to buy a $25 gift card to somewhere, then I will toss it into a box with other gift cards, pick one of the gift cards without looking & pretend to be happy with it. Wouldn't it just be easier for me to keep the $25 cash? Um...YES!

  2. Having curly hair & SoCal having had non-stop rain for the past 2 days does not go well together. It honestly looks like I was hit by small amounts of lightning throughout the day, lol.

  3. The MIL, my mom & I made tamales last night! I was really excited about it until I noticed the clock read 10:30pm & I had to wake up at 4am for work. I did a pretty crappy thing & abandoned ship. I left my mom & MIL to finish up while I went to bed, they didnt finish until 2am. Sucks to be them but hey, at least I have tamales for Xmas dinner, woot!
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  5. I have 10 whole days off of work starting Friday so I'm basically pretending to look busy til then.

  6. What's up with super Christian people always asking you to pray for something? It's like their prayers aren't enough, they need yours too. (Ex: My car didn't start yesterday, pls pray that it starts today. ; The dinner I made tonight was delicious but pray for those who didn't eat.; My daughter has hives, pray that she still go to school tomorrow so I can go out & shop.) Needy much?

  7. I get that you think your kid is the "cutest baby EVER" but in reality, I've seen WAY cuter. I just don't tell you to your face because you're delusional & wouldn't believe me anyway.

  8. I really wish I didn't have to pick out all of my own Christmas gifts. Come on Rusty...just take a chance & buy me something you think I might like. Hell, if I don't like it I'll just return it but at least you tried.

  9. How is it possible that I have yet to find one freakin store that's selling Planters Peanuts Holiday Gift Packs? Come on...it's for an old man's Christmas gift. Sorry gramps, seems like your sh*t outta luck this year.

  10. Ok...I don't have the worlds' nicest bum but it sure as hell doesn't look as deformed as this thing. Parasite Hilton better stop buying little chihuahuas to torture & invest in a treadmill...stat. *gag*

  11. Don't know if any of you fabulous people are aware but I have another writing space over at IEFamily (Missing Puzzle Pieces). Oh...oh you do know? But you just don't care much for my clean talk? Hmph...well you're missing out cause it may be clean but it's still pretty cool. Today for instance, I wrote about how I don't need Rusty to buy me anything for Xmas cause I have his love (ha-ha). Sappy I know, but I gotta let this ice cold heart melt every now & then so go check it out & leave me some awesome comment love while you're at it. I'll consider it my Xmas gift from you ;)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. LOL youre too funny!! Totally agree on the prayer thing!

  2. 1. Seems completely pointless to me.

    3. Tamales. Still don't get the fascination. Lol!

    8. Lol! No nuts for the gramps. Nuts!

  3. 2. Dude. My hair SUCKS right now. I feel your pain.

    3. I love tamales so much. I miss making them with my great grandma. If it wasn't so much work to set it all up, I'd totally do it.

    6. Um, my kid is TOTALLY the cutest, thankyouverymuch

    10. I'll give it a whirl ;)

  4. ha ha! i love the pretending to be busy at work! i hope that the rain stops by the time i get to l.a. this friday. i'm trying to escape the cold weather, but cold in l.a. is definitely not the same as cold in oregon, so i guess i can deal :)


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