Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Co-workers Are On The Case

The department I work in has a fish tank. It's nothing too special, it has some funky looking guppy fish in there and the women around here take care of them like they're children.

I'm not saying I don't like fish or anything, heck I like fish just fine but I'm not going to stand i front of the tank just staring at them for an hour. Not too long ago my cubicle neighbor found that one of the fishes was 'pooping' out some weird stuff, gross I know. Well it turns out the damn guppy was giving birth & when that was announced all productivity stopped for the day. Yep everyone stopped what they were doing to watch 9 guppies come into the world.

Then a few weeks ago they sent out emails to the entire company practically begging people to take the baby guppies because they couldn't keep them all in one little tank. People finally gave in (not me, I'm tough *grr*) and took the darn things.

About a week later one of the ladies discovered that there is one too many fishes in the tank (yes, they count them) & it turns out that one stubborn little guppy hid under the rocks when they were giving them away. Of course this made the headlines & everyone gathered to gawk at "the little guppy that could". Yes...it was a joyous day! *sarcasm*

Yesterday someone found the baby guppy floating belly up in the tank & it was like a homicide investigation up in here. The women all gathered to find out who the last one to see it alive was, when it was fed, how much food went in and if anyone had changed the water temperature.

All I have to say is...it's a freakin' fish people! Fish die all the damn time, go buy another one. Life goes on. Shoot, I've had a couple of carnival fish die on me a couple of times & I didn't fuss over it, they just went into the giant fishbowl I like to call "the toilet".

Geez... It's. Just. A. Fish!

Also, it's not like the tank is now sitting there empty. There are still 4 effing fish left *shaking head*.


  1. Gather up the usual suspects...this'll be like shooting fish in the barrel. ;)

  2. Dumb. Asses.

    I'm a sap but even I cannot show enthusiasm (real or fake) for a fish. Because...it's a fish.



  3. Ok, the death investigation was a bit much...but I have to admit that I'm one of those people who can stare at a fish tank for hours. I even have one in my living room! They're just so soothing...

    Also, I'd totally rather watch guppies give birth than work. Just sayin' :)

  4. WTF is wrong with the people you work with!? They're so weird.

  5. Do you actually work in MY office and I don't realize it?! :o)


  6. Wow - your co-workers are nuts! I really love all the stories you tell us about your workplace. I would do the same but I have a feelings they would find my blog.

    Do you have a lot of women who you work with? There are 12 employees at my company and all are women. So it's totally chaos up in this place.


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