Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Not Christmas Without Drama

I'm one of like 5 people that actually showed up for work today. This sucks because I would much rather be asleep in my comfortable bed right now than be sitting in this very uncomfortable computer chair which is totally putting my butt to sleep.

It still hasn't quiet hit me that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. It's all seemed very anticlimactic...running around searching for every ones gifts, spending tons of money I swore I didn't have, cooking & baking, trying to find a cute outfit to wear so you're not prancing around in your pajamas (wuah...pftt...no, I don't do that*).

In the end all your left with is an ugly sweater, a messy house, a fat belly & an empty bank account. Oh...is that just me?

Don't mean to be all Scrooge like, I guess having the memories is all worth it. I guess. Oops, I'm doing it again. I'm just bummed I'm not at home. I'm actually a really huge Christmas fanatic, love the music on the radio, dont mind the hustle & bustle at the stores & truly enjoy baking cupcakes for Christmas but I guess the spirit just isnt in me at the moment.

Also, my mom's totally making me feel like crap because I told her I wasn't going to be making the 45min trip to OC on Christmas Eve, so I can spend a couple of hours with family members that haven't talked to me all year long but still expect me to get them a gift.

I tried explaining that I'm having the MIL over & I'm sure it's not her Christmas wish to spend the night hanging out with a bunch of people who often switch to a language she doesn't understand during a conversation. I tried compromising with my mom & telling her I'd make the trip in the morning (when everyone isn't around) & spend the morning with my grandparents, cause well...they're really what it's all about. But she didn't bite & my stubbornness kicked in & I told her I wasn't going at all then.

Although, thinking it over I may just go cause my grandparents are pretty old & I'd hate for something to happen to them & then think "holy crap, I could've had one more Christmas with them if I wasn't being such an a*s & trying to prove a point". We'll see...

I hope you all have your menu's set, your gifts wrapped & are ready for the awesomeness that Christmas brings cause it's coming whether you're ready or not. This b*tch doesn't wait for anyone...

Are you braving the family chaos this Christmas, what are your plans? If they're cool, maybe I'll just crash your party ;)

Ok...this totally just put me in a better mood, lol.

*Yes I do.


Holy cow, I just realized I haven't picked a winner for the ABC is for Circus book. I swear I'll get around to it tonight!



  1. It's not just you, only I don't have the ugly sweater and would much prefer my pajamas. I am a Christmas fanatic too, but I'm with you that the spirit is just not with me this year. A little too much going on.

  2. christmas sure snuck up on me too! i cant believe it is only two days away.

    and the same thing happened to me. i work in an office of 3 people, and funny how the two other women decided to take today & tomorrow off...only to leave me here...alone...

    but take that work - i am blogging! bwahaha!

    i hope the christmas spirit finds you, and that you enjoy your weekend, whether or not you go to the families! :)

  3. Cheer up Scrooge! You will have a merry Christmas. :)

  4. God that sucks! But do not let it ruin our christmas, and a merry one to you and your miss!

  5. I'm not feeling very festive this year either...ah well. We're doing the family thing for 3 straight days!! Tonight we went to visit Ken's dad's side of the family, tomorrow night is his mom's annual Christmas Eve party, where friends and family stop by throughout the evening, and Saturday is Christmas morning at his mom's house! I'm gonna need a vacation from the holidays :)

  6. I know exactly how you feel- its so hard trying to split time between families and someone always ends up with hurt feelings! My parents are divorced so it was always a fight over who gets christmas day and it somehow always ended up being my fault! wont have to worry about that this year though! being 5,000 miles away has it benefits haha!

    Hope you have a great christmas!

  7. my fave thing was the * and the match up at the bottom. If all that drama DIDN'T happen though you would miss it! That's what holidays are for.


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