Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Lights, What A Hassle

Considering we were already into the second week of December I thought it'd be a good idea to bribe Rusty into hanging last years {brand new} Christmas lights. I thought for sure it wouldn't take longer than a few minutes, an hour at the most...I'm such a fool!

First we found was that we were out of staples for Rusty's staple gun. We headed to Home Depot & we found that not only do they not carry the staples we needed but they were actually out of every type of staple for all of the guns they have for sale. Great! *sarcasm*

Then the ladder my dad brought over is this tiny 6ft thing that I swear has a weight capacity of 140lbs...not good when Rusty is an Ox of man who is a tad bit past 140lbs. After some coercing (aka: promises of fast food & us time before I go into my tv watching coma) Rusty braves it up on the midget ladder where he kept swearing that the step was folding under him.

To make matters better, and by better I mean way worse, my dad was there "supervising" & suggesting Rusty climb to the very last step for better reach, claiming "it's completely safe, I do it all the time". But what my dad is neglecting to notice is that he's 1/4 of Rusty's size, lol. All I kept imagining was Rusty getting to that last step & the damn ladder just giving out from under him & him landing crotch first into the very bulky sprinkle system.

Once the lights were finally up they looked great but running around for staples, Rusty being taunted about not being brave enough for the top step & the emotional baggage of having to deal with both of the favorite men was exhausting & now I remember exactly why we didn't put the damn things up last year.


This has nothing to do with my post but I thought it was hilarious! It also serves as a good reminder to put your grown up toys away ;)



  1. Glad you got the lights up and everyone is safe and sound! You should get Rusty a ladder for Christmas, so he can't refuse to hang them up next year :)

  2. Hahaha, awesome! Glad you got your lights up :)

  3. i am cracking up!
    that's freakin hilarious!!!!


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