Monday, December 27, 2010

Big Love...The End Is Near

I've watched this show for the last 2 seasons. I had heard about it before (and all the controversy it brought with it) but was to cheap to order HBO up until we moved. Once I'd seen my first Big Love episode I was hooked!

Now it seems that it's run it's course & is ending *sad face*

I cant believe Desperate Housewives is still coming up with b.s. scenarios & great shows like this one is calling it quits. I suppose it is for the best though, I'd hate to see them go completely cheesy (*cough* Susan Delfino having to resort to soft core porn style house cleaning on the Internet *cough*). Better to go out on a high note than being tossed out on your ass. Either way, I'm still super bummed.

Big Love comes back for it's 5th & final season on Sunday, January 16 on HBO.

Guess it's time to start collecting all the seasons so I can watch it whenever I feel like having some multi-wife drama. I can't wait to see how they end the show, I hope it's good & all the girls end up happy (with or without Bill).

Am I the only one who's gonna miss it?


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