Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Brain Doesn't Know It's Time To Work

I know they meant well but my employer giving me 5 days off did not do me any favors. I thought they had, I woke up super energized this morning & ready to freaking work but now...now I'm about ready for a nap.

I just finished writing my post for IEFamily & it actually took me 2 hours to write the damn thing cause my brain is so not into it. I cant seem to get into work mode & I cant blame it. I only have to work 3 days this week so in reality it's probably best that I not get too used to this "work" stuff, right? Ha-ha

I'd like to make it known that in the 5 days I had off I did nothing exciting, which is a total bummer. I had hoped to go out town (Vegas baby!) or drive down to SoCal for a day of fun at Knotts Berry Farm but the money nor the desire was there. Well, mostly the money.

Oh, speaking of Knotts...if any of you are going to be in SoCal December 4 - 19, you can get into the park for free as long as you buy a $15 gift at any of the Knotts Marketplace locations to donate to Toys4Tots. Woot Woot for Xmas giving & being able to gawk at hottie Marines!

Actually, I think I'll try bribing Rusty into going with me to Knotts on Friday morning because I'm totally craving one of their awesome funnel cakes. And if he's lucky I'll be super brave & even go on a roller coaster with him...at least that's what I'll tell him & then I'll chicken out at the last minute, lol.

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend? I'd love to hear about it so I can totally be jealous of what you did while I layed in bed like a dirty lump or scrubbed the heck outta by bathroom...



  1. I baked on Friday and went for some sushi. Saturday I went to a baby shower and then a good old adult party in the evening. Sunday, I should have been scrubbing the bathroom like you but instead I did more baking and then watched Eat, Pray, Love.

  2. Well...

    I shopped with my mom and grandmother. So, if you count wandering around department stores for hours on end as fun, then yes...it was a fantastic time!

  3. Went on a family vacation! It was pretty cool, I'll probably write a post on it instead of clogging up your comment area :)

  4. it's hard for me to go back to work after a long holiday too...this week seems like it is lasting forever!!


  5. Five days off?...Five days off?...what is this thing you call days off...
    Ok, sorry that was me being catty...because I'm jealous.


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