Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Not Ashamed, I'm Just A Fatty

I dont cook {well}. Rusty hardly ever asks me to make him something to eat unless he's dying or it's something that can be made without effing it up, you know like a sandwich or microwaveable pizza.

Most of the time we'll stick to fast food or delivery, I think we may be the couple that's keeping the local McD's & Pizza Hut in business. That's no joke either.

So after a very craptastic day at work yesterday there was no way in hell I was getting in a kitchen & trying to make a meal out of the ketchup, can of olives, eggs & bread that I had at my disposal. So I did what any modern wife would do, I got on the phone & called Applebees.

That's right, I'm not ashamed to say it, I'm too lazy to stop at the grocery store & buy something to cook and instead paid someone to cook for me. I did & it felt great!

Aside from me being a lazy butt I gotta say I love that fact that that restaurants have made it so easy for us to get good food. I was literally driving on the freeway when I placed my order & all I had to do was drive up to the restaurant, park, pay & get my food...and I didn't even have to get out of the car. Now I totally understand if some of you are judging my laziness but just know that I'm judging you for judging me.

Although, I really gotta start working off all of this food I'm craming into my body. I'm starting to get enough rolls that we won't need any for Thanksgiving...lol...ok that was a little lame. Anyway, as much as I'm addicted to good eats I think it's time I really start watching the food I'm eating & not just as it's entering my pie hole.




I know I havent chosen a winner for the Bojangles Jewelry: Silver Tweet Bird Necklace but I promise one will be posted by tonight!



  1. i am CRACKING up at the little comic!

    okay... so you know how lazy i am. i'm like the epitome of lazy. the only reason i cook as much as i do is because we're trying to save money. if it can't be done in 30 minutes i ain't doin it. lets email a meal plan to stick to. and by lets... i mean i'll send you a list of meals that are quick and easy and i do all the time! they're not oh so healthy. but for lunch i just have a sandwich and a bag of sun chips. lets do it lovey!!!

    oh and by the way, they are healthy in comparasion to fast food. i'm a huge believer in homecooked meals helping in health. i notice when we eat out too much we get sick.

  2. That is so us. It's super convenient to just call our favorite restaurant and pick up food. Especially on those nights where I feel lazy or yucky and the kids are out of control. Thankfully, all of my favorites are right around the corner too (although my ass disagrees).

    I've been really bad for the last six weeks. It's the dreaded See Food Diet. I can't stop either, so I've decided to get through the holidays and then do the very cliche New Years Resolution thang.

    We shall see...

  3. Who's judging-I love Applebee's and I've totally done the curbside pickup! Hello, fajita chicken rollup! Yum! :)

  4. bwahahaha! I love your last sentence: mmmm, pie! I'm all over that!
    I wish I ate out more often...my husband is so effin cheap, he practically chains me to the stove.

  5. That comic is hysterical. It's hard to find the time to whip up something fantastic. Good luck with the MIL this Thanksgiving.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner


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